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Solo Vending Machines A17 b208


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Vending machines in solo worlds

Alright. Messed around in debug mode alot with rental vending machines. learned some things, not all of it obvious.



Solo players

For starters, yes you as a solo player can still value from them. Invisible NPC's buy from them approximately once every 8 game hours. (i checked every 24 hours on a 10 minute world, and 1-3 items would sell per daily cycle. even overnight, or and even when i have the machine open the entire period)



Decreasing what you'll sell the item for

Had no obvious benefit. i suggest selling at normal price as a minimal.



Increasing what you'll sell the item for

this could be bugged. I've sold items to invisible NPC's for marked up prices before yes, but it's unclear what determines if it'll sell at all. filling up the trader with said item doesn't seem to effect it, but i don't have the time to do proper test for that.


about the bug, i had 12 wheels in the machine, 1 of them was listed for only 20% of it's rated value, and the rest were marked for 100%. wheels were selling, and they weren't the 20% one...however, when i collected the money, all of them sold at the price of the 20%. so be careful about identical items being marked at different prices.



Will it sell at all if trader won't buy?




7 major things to watch out for.

1) NOTHING sells if you have 5 items or less in the vending machine. if you only have 1 item you want to sell, then you can add 5 other items and jack up their price. this way if they sell anyway, you still make off like a bandit for it.

2) you cannot refresh the rental period before it's time is up, but it'll still take your money if you try.

3) the morning the rental is over, all items and coin are lost. so pull that stuff out the day before.

4) 60 minute worlds only sell items at an average of 1 item every 4 days. that's bad, but if it's the right items it'll still pay for itself when the traders aren't buying.

5) it seems that if multiples of the same item are in the machine, and one is priced lower, the higher priced ones can be bought at the price of the lower item. (if player lowered the price, not talking about of a lower health item)

6) there was solo world where items weren't selling at all. so basically...don't depend on vending machine if you can help it. don't know why, couldn't get it working again.

7) unfortunately, you might not get the same results. i wish a dev would jump on and give some more dependable insight on how solo worlds might make use of this mechanic.

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