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Syth's QoL Collection


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This is a collection of changes we have made to our server. We strive to keep the challenges in the game, but tone them down to a reasonable level.


Modlets available as an All-In-One or individual download. Suggestions welcome.


Current Changes


  • Reduce Near Death Experience to 10min
  • Reduce Encumbered stacking slow from .026 (70% max slow) to 0.185 (50% max slow)
  • Reduce Hungry/Thirsty thresholds from 50%/25% to 25%/10%
  • Reduce zed Block Damage vs. specific materials by %
  • Renables vehicle selling (TFP price default)
  • Adjust armor mobility penalty based on tier
  • Removed "grunts" from power swings
  • New attribute "Speed" added (increases walk/run)


Full details available at NexusMods


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