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My take on perks and level gating


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Well, I suppose this is actually mostly about the level gating, it is too extreme and limiting to player choices especially in the early game. You have the attribute perks with 10 levels each and skill perks with mostly 5 levels each. The first 4 levels of attribute and 2 ranks of skills need to open with no level restrictions or dependencies between the skill and attribute. So as soon as you complete the starter quests and earn your first 5 points you could buy the bicycle and moped right away. Or 4 ranks in intellect to craft faster and make better gear.

Then at character level 25, attribute ranks 5-7 open and skill perks level 3 open across the board.

This would give a character the ability to do most things after the first week, only limited by materials gathered and that such.


For the attribute make the final three levels obtainable at levels 50, 100 and 150. And make those much more powerful, like level 7 strength gives 75% melee damage bonus, but level 8 is 150%, level 9 is 200% and level 10 is 300%. Maybe make them cost more points as well to offset the increase but they should be a true reward for making to those levels.


Then we really kick in with the level gating but make it cumulative system. The skill perks would be unlocked in attribute groups every 20-25 levels. And my this I mean at level 50, you could unlock all skill perk tier 4 in strength or another attribute. Then at level 70 you can unlock either strength tier 5, or one of others at tier 4. Character level 90 would give you a third group and so on. Would still need the skill points to buy the individual perks.


I feel this would give quick access to lower level perks and skills while still giving folks goals to reach toward for the best and most entertaining items and features.


Okay, now the rest of you are free to tell me how dumb this system is. :)

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