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Would someone with experience help me?


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search key is: "HUDRightStatBars"




<window_group name="toolbelt" actionSet="false">
		<window name="windowToolbelt" anchor="CenterBottom" />
		<window name="HUDLeftStatBars" anchor="LeftBottom" />
		[color="#00FF00"]<window name="HUDRightStatBars" anchor="RightBottom" />[/color]
		<window name="windowQuestTracker" anchor="RightTop" />
		<window name="windowGroupBars" anchor="LeftTop" />



<window name="HUDRightStatBars">

	<rect name="hud" pos="-90,31" side="right" controller="CollectedItemList" pivot="BottomLeft">
		<panel width="168" height="43" name="item" visible="false" pivot="right" disableautobackground="true" pos="70, 0" >


- - - Updated - - -


but what do you want to do ?

there is already taken place from the left (HUDLeftStatBars)...how to combine this?




windows can be specified using pos="x,y" (it is not necessary to use "anchors")

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thank you for the help and managed to move what I said but I have a couple of problems, when you collect materials you see that I have already managed to move but has a movement to the right and I can not find out which line makes it move so that it does not move so much because it hides behind the belt. and the other problem is the fuel of the drill that also is not located by the vehicle if I came to identify it and moved but the drill not.


Any suggestion ?






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Collected items, active item and vehicle items are all a part of the HUDrightstatbar window.


You either need to flip them around so they behave like the left stat bars or, decide how you would like them to appear and make it happen.


There is no easy cut and paste out of it. You will need to learn positioning and how the sprites/labels work.

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1. It looks like a grid...but I don't see its parameters anywhere....In order to avoid such overlays, you may need to reduce the height of these elements...(so they fit into a single column)



2. this section of code is responsible for the ammo and fuel, move it also :



<grid name="hud" pos="-177,52" rows="2" cols="1" width="168" cell_width="168" cell_height="46" repeat_content="false" side="right">
		<rect width="168" height="43" controller="HUDStatBar" stat_type="ActiveItem" visible="{statvisible}">
			<sprite depth="3" pos="3,0"  name="BarContent" sprite="{statimage|once}" height="43" width="162" />
			<sprite depth="4" name="Icon" atlas="{staticonatlas|once}" sprite="{staticon}" size="36,32" pos="130,-6" color="{staticoncolor}" foregroundlayer="true" />
			<label depth="6" name="TextContent" pos="15,-8" font_size="28" color="[white]" justify="center" text="{statcurrentwithmax}" height="30"/>

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