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Updated Server lost map config


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So, updated server last night for recent updates, but it has reset the server.cfg, and being alpha 17

It’s confusing as its made its own world


Under Worlds/West Wikeno Territory/CAMBO

How do i relaunch this into the config so we can play again ?

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I always make a backup of the config prior to updating the game, as sometimes it will be overwritten. If the configuration file syntax did not change, you can replace the default config with the backup copy and everything should start as before.


If the server config got overwritten by accident and you do not have a backup, configure the text file again with the same settings you used when creating the map you want to continue. It should then also load normally.


Also I'm pretty sure there might be a way to call the game with a direct path to a world to load, but I don't know that from top of my head...

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