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Sound staging is still sucks (even in A17)


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As an experienced FPS player I'm all the time relying on the sounds that I hear in game and if the sound staging is so bad as it is in 7DTD it makes me deeply dissapointed.

You know that the soundtrack and sound direction is the 50% of the impression from the movie... so as - from the game.


Some points I strongly recommend for developers to solve:


  1. Stereo/surround sound staging is broken - it's very hard to find out where is the zombie (how far it is and on what angle from me to the right/left). This point is important not just for zombie sounds but for any entity in game that's generating the sounds at all.
  2. Zombies steps almost unhearable.
  3. There's no 5.1/7.1 option in the audio settings section.


7DTD is great, despite so many bugs, but for me, the sound is still brings it to the category of the mediocre ones.

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This has been an issue forever. It's even more of a problem now with no stealth "eye" reticle to let us know we're being stalked.


Since they finally removed the asinine night time ambiance stuff, maybe they will address this in the next build. Maybe.


I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I actually liked the night ambient sounds lol

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