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A17 Custom Vehicles Modlet


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hmm.... did i do anything wrong? The vehicles don't have lights.


I just checked our modfiles and i see the vehicles don't have headlights specified.


Im using the modlet version.


Greetz Tom


No you have not done anything wrong the fun pimps fixed the lights for the vanilla vehicles but I think you are right that they need specifying in the modlet.


The fun pimps added code in the new vehicles.xml file on the b240 stable


example below is from the minbike properties


<property class="headlight">
		<property name="class" value="Headlight"/>
		<property name="parent_part" value="handlebars"/>
		<property name="transform" value="Origin/handlebar_joint/headlight"/>
		<property name="bright" value=".65"/>


It is sandwiched between storage and fuel tank properties code


So with some xpath tweaking for different vehicles it should work

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I've tried that an Quad and The Beast and nothing worked. Maybe there must be some editing in the mesh files too. But thats nothing of my business of modding. :D


Maybe you are right I have tried to add code but no way im going any further than modlet xml edits either its probably some simple to fix but i am new to this lol , love the learning curve of this way of modding god bless modlets and xpath appending :)

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the vehicles all had lights, i think by the time manu released the first a17 update lights feature was not working yet in the game version, thats probably an easy fix now whenever hee has time. beast and heli required some hard work codding i think so not sure when that's gonna happen. also another beast incoming as soon as posible.

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Hey guys,

sorry I've been away and very busy.


Glad you were able to make the multiple seats work TopAce6.


I'll try to fix the lights for all vehicles in the near future, maybe this weekend....


Hey, I just want to say thank you for the awesome mod. Fixing the lights would be awesome and I am really looking forward to the boat.


You have done some supppper cool work!!!! One of the best mods out definitely!

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Yes, progression is all grease monkey like the vanilla vehicles.

3,5: Quad and Cicada Car

4,5: RoadHog

5: HellGoatBike and HP 4x4


Since my vehicles are all faster/stronger than the vanilla ones, I've put them a level higher than their vanilla counterpart.

But you can easily change those to your liking...

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yea i got the multiple seats, su per easy actually, and then added/merged in the get horny mod, so now all the vehicles have the awesome Dixie horn.


Curious as I'm actually trying to add the "Get Horny" Horns as well, but fairly new to xml edits. What did you have to change to make it work?

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Update: Monster Beetle and Lights on all vehicles



- New Monster Beetle vehicle

- Lights on all vehicles

- Bikes, Quad and Monster Beetle can now Hop (press "C")

- Adjusted pricing for all vehicles

- New Big Wheels vehicle part (only for Monster Beetle for now)


Known issues:

- The Monster Beetle does annoying sounds when the shocks do their work. All vehicles use that sound, but it's more present on the Beetle. I tried to fix it, but couldn't find a solution. There's something weird with how TFP handles sound for shocks.


Special Thanks:

- Mumpfy: for the great texture work on the Beetle, and also for help with modeling, but especially assembling mesh pieces in the right places to make it look bad-ass. Not all texture maps are final, but it looks pretty good for a first version.

- Chaos: For modeling and poly-reduction on the meshes, especially the shocks! Chaos might join the vehicle team to help with modeling.




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