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About weapon damage.


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So i have found various amounts of each weapon now and i was just wondering... what is up with their damage...


First off i miss the old readouts for weapon info with entity damage and such but progress and change is to be expected. I did not however expect for them to become more dumbed down but also more confusing.. if i did my math right this is how much damage a gun can do with a clip of ammo.


snipe rifle best possible damage 335 (that's if you take the rifle perk and every shot of the 5 round clip is a head shot and you get the increase in damage.


magnum 480


mp5 600


ak 960


9m 375


shotgun 56


hunting rifle 54


Am i missing something with the shotgun or am i high? is it 7 damage per pellet in the shot gun? that's the only way the damage could be higher than 56. the damn hunting rifle is better imo when you factor in reload and fire speed of the 2 guns.


as it stands the MP5 is the best gun in the game when you consider how easy it is to get 9m and how cheap it is (1/3 the cost of 7.62 and only does 360 (or 40% less damage per clip) ) to make. or when you consider stack sizes of the ammo vs other types like shotgun only stacking to 250 rounds where as 9m stacks to 500


Note: the damage on the guns is damage per shot x full clip with no mods and not counting the "boom! headshot" perk

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The shotgun is OK in a panic situation, but if you really want to go for the boom tube, you need to upgrade to slug ammo. Same with crossbows and exploding bolts, or a marksman rifle and a scope >.>


The 9mm is SOOO bad. SOOOOOOO bad. I used to like it a lot more when it had a native 5x headshot multiplier. It's a waste of ammo when you need to do 5 shots in rapid succession to MAYBE drop a normie.


If you want a sidearm, go with a junk magnum. If you need to deal with something big, heavy, and alone, go with a hunting rifle or shotgun. If you literally have so many zombies coming at you that you couldn't miss if you fired backwards, go with the AK.



Of the ranged weapon perks, the only ones that matters are Shotgun Messiah and Boom Headshot. That's it, really. If you ever need Run & Gun, you ♥♥♥♥ed up. If you ever need 'reload speed', you ♥♥♥♥ed up. If you have Shotgun Messiah and they come up on you, they ♥♥♥♥ed up. Unless you're trying to RP Mad Max cross-dressing like Legolas, you could do archery.. but real men grab an axe or a sledge when the first shot doesn't OHK.

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