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not hard...boring


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alpha 16 was my first exp with 7d2d, and after playing it, when I could finally drag myself away from my PC I raved to everyone about it. Urged many of them to buy it and many did. And I'm over 50 and so are they and they loved it. There was so much to do! build bases , loot, kill zombies , explore the world. At this stage of experimental I can no longer reccommend this game to anyone. The people that will say "learn to play" or "get good" lose all their credibility with me.

There is no real progression or balance at this time. You can't do any of the things we used to that made the game great because you don't have time. One building can take ten or 15 minutes to kill all the zombies and loot it. Thats a third to a quarter of a day. And of course dealing with the many roaming hordes takes time as well. So by the end of the day you haven't had time to do anything but kill zombies and loot a few places. The stamina thing is a pain as well. I mean you eat to a hundred per cent and immediately your stamina starts to fall if you do anything. It's not that big an issue but still an annoyance. Maybe later on with MC pers you'll be able to make some meals that" fill you up all day". And it would be fine if we weren't dealing with Zbears and wolves and Zdobermans and a bazillion zombies from almost day one. Progression please, some people, like the ones who will actually be paying money to the FPs, you know the ones keeping them in business, will be new to the game. How are they supposed to "get good" or "learn to play" when they die all the time? Fun Pimps should keep that in mind.

For me I have no problem staying alive except for that pack of 12 dobermans and a 10 pack of wolves (yes I have video) I can kill almost anything easily even the horde which included 8 spider zombies around day 5 was not a real problem. But all i do is kill zombies, it's getting boring and I miss my basebuilding, no time to collect mats mining/harvesting/digging has all been nerfed. I know it's perk related and that would be fine if they weren't throwing everything at us right off the bat. It's removed 80% of what made the game great for me. I am hoping that the FPs will get it right in stable but I have seen no posts from them that make me feel like they think it's an issue. But believe me FPs the people new to the games spending money are goona be disappointed and unhappy, might be why it went on sale for 9 bucks. Good luck guys I wish you the best

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