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Alpha 17 - Playing as a crafter builder


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Hey all,


Me and my husband have been playing since alpha 6-7 I can't really remember but a loooong time and I don't want to moan because I honestly feel like we've more than got our money's worth out of the game.


The way we normally play is that he's our hunter/scavenger/fighter and I'm the crafter/builder. I don't really like FPS games while he loves them and 7 days has always given us a unique and rare chance to enjoy the same game and play together.


However I'm struggling in Alpha 17 :( soooo much of the EXP is geared into fighting. We've just finished day 14 horde and he's almost level 40 while I'm not yet level 20. He wants/needs things like the forge metal tools and our base desperately needs to start upgrading the base to stronger materials because wood and abit of cobblestone really is no-where near cutting it. The 14 horde pretty much let it's self in though the front door (I think it took like 10 seconds to breach the building, but it takes soooo long to get stone/clay, with a stone axe so I didn't get enough upgraded before horde night).


I always focus on crafting recipes skills while he focus's on looting/melee/ranged weapons and last night I got quite upset because he ended up buying the forge skill himself because he was tired of waiting :( which kinda made me feel pointless and useless.


Am I missing a trick is there a good way of getting exp while crafting I know cutting down trees/stones gives some but it's not enough to keep my level on par with my husband so I remain useful.



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They just need to set all the XP on even par so people can play the way they want. Nothing else makes sense honestly.



I agree with them that if you kill zombies for 10 min vs if you gather/craft for 10 min, it shouldnt give quite the same xp. Killing zombies has more danger after all. But that doesnt mean the difference should be so big as it is now. 15-20 min of crafting+gathering should give about the same as 10 min of killing zombies.

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My advice would be to invest into iron tools (with a trader) or try finding them. As much as i like using stone tools, with iron you will get more materials, as well as more xp. Apart from that, you could spend more time on looting, where he kills the Zs in a POI, change how you both work together a bit. This way you get all the xp from looting and destroying, while he focuses on backing you up.


Getting the party up will let you both earn xp for him killing Zs, so that is also an option. Dunno about getting xp for other things when in a party though.


On the other hand, not leveling up has its advantages as you don't level your gamestage (your husband has definitely higher) and in Multiplayer it sums up (so you get rougher hordes and zombies in POIs).

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