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Xyth's A19 - A17 Modlet Collection


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Version 1.2 of the HelmetCam. Removed camera debuff on stealthing (left over from bugfix testing), tightened FOV to 10 from 15. Not sure about the best FOV setting. 10 seems to give a good view with no FPS hit, but I'd like feedback on this.

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Hey, the HelmetCam is nice. It just stinks that you can't equip that and the helmet light mod at the same time, making the mining helmet the only useful helmet to equip it to. Is that intentional?


Never tested it on the mining helm. I will look into it, i think it's an easy xml fix. I set it so you couldn't have 2 cameras in 1 helm but i can see where that might prevent any other helmet modifier working

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Added 2 more modlets. SteelBars that you can loot though, and the HelmetCam modlet.


These both had minimal testing, so let me know if you have issues or suggestions for improvements.




Updating my personal game and going through the mods I want added. looking at your code for the steel bars and you have <block id=.... I am curious as to the choice of 'id' versus 'name' and if there is a reason for this?

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Just forgot to edit that on the A16 to A17 conversion. The game handles that gracefully, but I will fix and update soon.


V1.01 pushed with that edit. Thanks for catching that.




I was wondering if there were the capacity to have a whole line of bars that are in this style that upgrade and some downgrade



wood to iron01

iron01 to iron02

iron02 to steel01

steel01 to steel02

(the iron02 and steel02 can downgrade, but the 01 is a destroy event).


If this is not something you want to end up making, would I be able to attempt doing so myself? And would this be as easy as making the block name and adding a texture="relevant # to texture" and changing the Msteel value to the relevant one? and of course the upgrade/downgrade attributes?

I like the ability to loot at the edges in the gap but would love to see a whole series with this concept.

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