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How this game is supposed to be played


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Horde - yes, straw man argument. You win by default, at least you thought you would. I spotted that though. I wasn't arguing against horde nights. And in case you think I didn't notice the horde nights, statistically I went through 685,71 horde nights since I started playing the game, calculating each day 50 min IRL time, thank you very much. I know what a horde night is, you don't have to belittle me. But who says I'm any better eh? (I'm not. Read on.)


"You're supposed to build a fortress..." I'm not buying that because it didn't say that anywhere at any time and doesn't now either. Where are you getting that from? I'm pretty sure I know where, don't tell me, it's where the sun doesn't shine much. If digging never was the point then explain to me why everyone could do so for lots of years? There is a huge discrepancy in what we are all of a sudden "supposed to do" (Says Who? anyway?) compared to what for years has been the norm. Why even put seams of ores into the ground. Dude - digging was never an exploit, it was part of the game. You banging your head against the wall screaming that it was never supposed to be like that isn't going to help your argument. You are not even being fair in your arguing, as if it is down to dishonest players and it being their fault that zombies couldn't dig properly before a17. It's TFPs fault! Like everything good or bad is their fault when it comes to the design of the game. So, with that said, all your complaints about chicken players that you've been making here and how everybody sucks at playing the game, maybe your real target of your complaints should have been TFP for the last 10 years or what ever. I hope it was, because if you haven't complained about this previously, you're just exposing yourself as being a hypocrite! Actually you are, but I'll come back to that in the end.


And just as an aside - I've actually had hordes dig down quite a bit already in a16. I guess you never tried. Can't knock it unless you tried it :p. I doubt you will however, the mere thought of it seems to offend you for some reason, and as long as not every single other player is completely deprived of the possibility of digging a hole to hide in, you disapprove of the players and the game. That's what you're getting at. Who's problem is that? Yours! Because you have the choice to do what ever you want, other players have their choices. They want a rabbit hole, they get their rabbit hole. It's still your personal problem. Is it because you can't find them an steal all their stuff? You can be all split naked, running around with your bare fists come horde night, knocking them all to the ground and feel good about it, what do you care if someone else wants to do it differently? From somewhere you get the urge to get all grumpy about people doing something different from what you're doing. But I don't wanna know about it or I'll have to start charging you money for therapy sessions. I have better things to do anyway so don't even PM me about it.


Also I think that your definition of the word fortress is not very accurate. Point out one fortress that didn't have deep cellars, unless the ground wasn't suitable for building those. They are called bunkers (because it's time for me now to tell you something you didn't know). So if everybody built a - fortress - just like you want it, would that be okay you think? Would that be acceptable? Can they play too then? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top? Hey everybody! Listen up! You have to check with Xtrakicking for your future planning permissions! Order now! Form a line right there!! You better know it! He'll get really pissed off if you don't submit your plans to him before hand! And don't you dare even putting down an LCB before he hasn't given you the go-ahead, okay? ... OKAY?? Quick now, let's get this line moving!


Look! The board is full of players who haven't become bored extremely fast, who are actually complaining. Maybe you didn't see them. Here is how to find those posts - just stop ignoring the 75% of posters who have been complaining in all the treads on here the last few days. Or maybe you just get a little honest and stop discrediting opinions that don't align with yours, because your way of argumentation here is wilfully misleading. You're pissed off about something, but I bet it ain't what you say it is, because this doesn't make any sense. Again -I don't wanna know. Keep it to yourself. It's not *my* problem.


You didn't get it when I talked about my prized Yukka wall, The Envy of the Seven Deserts it's also called (just to let you know, because me and my Yucca wall go way back and this is kinda personal! In a17 it's The Envy of the one Desert, of course.). But joking aside - if I actually wanted to build a wall of yucca plants to defend myself against a horde it would have to be going out from my base all the way to spawn distance and still that wouldn't be enough to hold off the zombies. (Makes me kinda feel like your mum telling you this). So what was my point with mentioning a yucca wall you say? My point was choice. *BADABING* Choice! The choice to TRY to do things however I want, and to be able to fail and try again. As things are now, you don't even have the choice to try (and subsequently fail). It's not possible because you lack the skills for it! Either they are turned off, or they are level gated and far far off in the future making the beginning of the game bland and ... boring.


But back to something else, because you said it best yourself, mate - quote "not every playstyle will be satisfied" so why did I even answer your post, since THAT is exactly what the game has always been: unsatisfying to you, for years, and if people can't complain about it now (But you can? About them? And their playstyle?), then do yourself a big favour: consider that for yourself and take your fingers off of your keyboard now, and clickadiclick your mouse out of this forum and go play a17 before it changes into the bad game you always hated. Hypocrite.


You want super challenging, only for the elite playaz tower defense? Why don't you go play Plants vs. Zombies then and leave us suckers who want some freedom of choice to wallow in our current misery.


Plant's vs. Zombies! The game that does not feature digging players, nor does it leave any creative choice. It might just be right for you! Get it today!


Yucca plants have no collision anymore, buddy :) very sad story i know

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I just have to say i like how hard this game is now. Im sneaking around, trying not to disturb the dead. It seems sound is working well, knocking a tree down attracts zombies and i don't think it did in A16. Oh, and i'm scared ♥♥♥♥less to venture out at night.

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I just dont want to play a FPS zombie game. TFP has lost their way for many of us. Others are happier.


Good luck all. 1500 hrs in and wont I wont make gold in this game as it is not for me. This is not what I paid for. Survival doesnt mean just killing zombies. And as always the spawning absolutely blows. 17 Alphas versions (and I have been here for 9 of them) and TFP still cant get this right.


- - - Updated - - -


MM's response was not "This is experimental, we may change it in the stable release based on the feedback from the community, please, wait till then before reviewing our game", his response was literally "Git gud". A response I'd expect from an emotionally unstable teen fanboi, but not from the company leader. My hopes that TFP would actually listen to our feedback went down after reading it.


Because all MM does is play this fing game. Another studio screwed by some level of success. Adapt or this will be your last game TFP.

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The problem is when at level 14 your getting radiated zombies spawning there is not much you can do to stop them aside from cheesing the AI. That's not fun to me. I don't want to build ramps to trick the AI, or build hanging bases, or build a hedge maze. All that combined with the fact we lost our primary defense of log spikes means all we can build for defense for the first 40 levels is basically balsa wood spikes.


I want to build a base and defend it, but with the zombie spawns, AI change to focus on the same blocks, and the new damage bonus if multiple zombies target the same block its an exercise in futility.


This guy is right. Could not have said it better myself.

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...My interpretation is that one player has the choice of playing similar-ish games like F76, RDR2 or 7DTD.

If that player chooses 7DTD then it's one concurrent player on the statistics....


I will just point out. I owned 7D2d pre-A17, so playing A17 is free for me. I would have to buy F76 or RDR2 so there would be a cost. In my opinion this dilutes further any emphasis on numbers of people playing 7D2D in the new build.

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...Because all MM does is play this fing game. Another studio screwed by some level of success. Adapt or this will be your last game TFP.


This made me laugh. MM has said several times that he DOES NOT play the game much, except in QA testing before a release. He claims to be using his time on his deliverable art for whatever the NEXT release is. It makes sense... for him it is a job. But still, I feel you misrepresented his skill and focus.

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I am a base builder by nature, and that seems to become more and more difficult with each patch. So, please, tell me - is building a base a viable play style?


Here's what I've noticed. Certain activities, especially building, are much harder to perform in SP games because there is so much more you have to focus on now that takes a lot of your time and attention. This game is leaning heavily towards MP where players can divide up the tasks. For example, one or two can focus on building/repairing while others hunt/loot/explore and others perform trader quests.


In my 2 player game with my friend we've divided up perks. For example, my friend has unlocked the cooking skills and I can't even make a pot of coffee, yet I'm the one who can build the forge and craft the tools for us.


It's kind of similar to Life is Feudal in that way, but not as extreme.


If you wanna build and maintain a base in a SP game you're not gonna have time for much else.

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Certain play styles are being punished. A lot of people think that is building but in reality it is power levelling.


All you guys making a beeline for iron, concrete, steel are pumping up your game level so on Day 7/14/21 my cobblestone base and spikes are enough while for you they are not.


If you want to power level then make sure you have the time to make those unlocked items for your defences otherwise you really don't have an argument for godly blood moon hordes.


I'm about to hit the 28 day horde at level 34, my base is cobblestone and surrounded by iron spikes. I have ammo and guns from passive looting, the horde will barely scratch my walls by the time they get through my spikes and rain of bullets.

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