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Backing up your save game!


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I had a weird bug when restarting a game, bedroll was asking for acid instead of plant fiber. I tried a validation of files, which didn`t fix it. So i reinstalled the game, after deleting the folder. I also moved the game to my SSD, so from D: too C:

When I tried to open my save, it said that the world does not exist.

That`s because the world files are under the data folder of your installation, which i deleted. (Ty recycle bin)

So, if you going to back up you save files, make sure you also included the worlds folder under data in the main app folder.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\worlds"

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wow if that is really the case, thanks. I am a save-maniac in every game, so ofc in 7d2d I do the same even not having the option I have the folder open, and every 10 min I type "saveworld" into the consol and make a backup of the folder.

I havent had the need to load yet in a17, so I havent detected the problem. But Ill check where you say and save that too.

Altho its kind of crap to need to save 2 things now instead of one.

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