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I don't see what all the complaining is about. A17 is both brutal and awesome.


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Day 1: Strolling down a nice country lane in my grass suit and cowboy boots.

Somehow I have made it to level 2. I happen upon an encampment surrounded by a fence made from crushed cars. I sneak around and see no obvious zombies lounging about.

I loot a car in the fence that is still whole and get nothing. So I climb on top of the car and see over the barricade a large pointy pile of boxes that I can jump on and get a good view of the whole layout. As soon as I am on top of the boxes a zombie roars in fury and starts ripping apart the tent he is in down below. I head shot him with a stone arrow. He roars again and this alerts 5 more zombies who come streaming over a wall below. I turn to leave and see two snakes headed my way. ( did you know snakes can climb boxes?) It turns out they can, with surprising agility.

The zombies below slowly meandering this way, alert a pack of 6 dogs.. they are faster and charge for the pile of boxes. I switch to my club and prepare for death. Just as the first dog is starting to nip me.. BOOM!... a dog further down the pile triggers and explosion. Now I have 1 snake. 3 dogs and 4 zombies plus the fat guy zombie still doing I don't know what inside his broken tent. I turn 180 and leap over the remaining snake and back onto the ground outside the compound. By this time the neighborhood watch has kicked in and all the neighbor zombies want to come over join the party. They are marching in circles around the encampment. I run... Run like the wind.. Thankfully in A17 it seems the bad guys dont follow you forever and you can mostly outrun them.


Ahhh I love the smell of the country air and peaceful surroundings.

I make it a short way away to the next crossroads and no enemies have decided to follow.

Looking back on the compound , it is nothing but a zombie snake dog infested swarm.

I guess they are a little agitated.


At this point any sane person would walk the other way and call it a day.

My feet started heading back before my brain kicked in.


I take one step back towards that hillbilly high-rise ...............


The entire structure and surrounding artifacts are completely incinerated in a giant fireball.


..... I take it as a sign from the great pimp in the sky.


I walk the other way... and get chased out of town by a zombie bird.

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Great review. Pretty much sums my first test in Warrior difficulty. lol. Walked into a small, what I assume, duegoen house. This was maybe the first house I went into. Fell in through the ceiling into the kitchen. Whole house came alive. 15 zombies and...somehow...1 sneaky snake in the mix. Needless to say...I died...to only 1 snake and 4 zombies. Never saw the snake till my death scene. ♥♥♥♥ing love this game.

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Yeah, once you change your play style to match the new game the difficulty makes sense and is fun and challenging. The trick is to plan your day and week out. I spend the first two hours each day getting resources, then i scavenge for food, and once i have food i then look for weapons. once my inventory gets full, i work on the base to get it horde ready. Not blood moon ready, but random night horde ready, because that is a dangerous thing now.

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