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Hopefully some people more experienced with deciphering the .xmls can help me out.


I am trying to figure out what the various values in vehicles.xml actually do.


In particular:


               <property name="upAngleMax" value="90"/>
	<property name="upForce" value="2"/>
	<property name="tiltAngleMax" value="90"/>
	<property name="tiltThreshold" value="3"/>
	<property name="tiltDampening" value=".22"/>
	<property name="tiltDampenThreshold" value="8"/>
	<property name="tiltUpForce" value="0"/>
	<property name="hopForce" value="0"/>
	<property name="unstickForce" value="1"/>


Specifically, I am trying to figure out what controls how steep of an angle you can drive up and what controls the vehicle height.


Currently with just the default values if you build yourself a ramp the 4x4 doesn't really get onto the ramp as much as slam into the lower block, almost completely stop, then slowly pull itself up until it can't really go any further.


I want to be able to build ramps for the 4x4 to jump.



Anyone got any ideas?

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