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Attracting nearby zombies' attention - suggestion to TFP


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So I've had a thought about the nearby zombies homing in on you when you make a noise...


As I understand it, making any noticeable noise attracts them straight to you. Sleepers wake upup and come for you, and outside zombies make a beeline for the POI you're in. I would suggest the accuracy of the "homing in" be scaled according to the noise you made, and the distance of the zombie.


So, if you're in a house and start cracking open crates, any zombie out in the garden would come into the house to investigate *without knowing exactly where you are*. Any further away might head anywhere within a 60-degree arc, possibly sending them off target, until you make the next noise, which makes them adjust their heading, to a 30 degree arc, then straight at you.


If on the other hand you fire a couple of shots at an awoken sleeper, the angle of approach would be much finer, say 15 degrees, whereas those in the garden or a short way outside would come for you immediately.

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