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A18 wishlist


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Since people hate so much on A17 I made a list what could make the game better.

Big companies like EA are using this all the time!


Make 7 Days great again!

  • Microstransactions
  • Lootboxes
  • Building Timers
  • Real Life Currency
  • Monthly paid DLC's for $29,99
  • Remove traders in A18 and add them later behind a paywall
  • Always online obligation
  • Remove Zombie Stripper because female sexualiasation
  • Monthly subscriptions if want to explore Navezgane outside diersville area
  • Mobile version
  • An option to buy already build forts for $


Feel free to add more great ideas!


Please note this topic is a bit sarcastic.

Hope you guys appreciate the work TFP are putting in the game.

They are not a 1.000 staff member company.

I personally think they only released it so early in experimental to feed the beggers like me

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