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So clearly. I'm messing up making a dedicated server. How am I? A17


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Aim: To make a dedicated server to run on my pc, whilst playing the game on the same pc. and allowing friends to join through steam or IP.


I port forwarded these ports: 26900-26902 (ofc the steam ports aswell)


I ran the server (checked the background tasks and see the server was running), went on join a session (can't see my server anywhere on the lists), tried to connect via IP, got a nice could retrieve server information error. So, where is, shall we say "the feces hitting the fan"? with what i'm trying to do?


Server port is: 25000 (what i got told to put it as, so, I am unsure myself..... misleading info etc, changed it to 26900 aswell, still the same result....)

server visibility: 2 (so i should be able to see it but still can't)


(UPDATE - Doesn't matter anymore, forgot about steam play, my apologies)




Any clues?

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