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Anybody got their server working? log keep saying


2018-11-19T23:08:13 0.147 ERR Error parsing configfile property 'ServerVisibility': Unknown config option



<property name="ServerVisibility" value="2"/> <!-- Visibility of this server: 2 = public, 1 = only shown to friends, 0 = not listed -->




Did I do something wrong? it's a public server

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The serverconfig.xml file isn't grabbed with updates since the default version of the file would contain the wrong information for the server, such as the ports and save locations. New settings would need to be added manually, and we update the base configurations when new settings are released.


In this specific case, the update is applied but the random world generation system has changed. With those changes the servers are producing crashes during the generation process. We are currently investigating the issue to see if there are any adjustments we can make to correct the issues. I've placed the ticket in a notification queue in which we will provide updates as they are available. We appreciate your patience in the matter.


Jake Bauer


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