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Random horde


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Interested in this one as well. This should really be an option in the vanilla game too.


Well, generate heat and random hordes will come.


Run forges or cement mixers, be noisy and they'll come.


Don't kill screamers.


i just wanta had some randomness an some oh ♥♥♥♥ moments to me games right now.


Are you suggesting that he invites zombies over and pretend he was surprised?

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I mostly just would love to be exploring randomly, an outa no where when 2300 hits a full on blood moon to hit an last all night. Would add more of a fear when night comes. Way i play now its build a base then explore till day 5 or 6 then prepare for day 7 an repeat. I rember playing with a friend on ps4 when there was a bug that had random blood moon hordes it was a blast add so much to the game. Even if the horde didnt happen weekly just randomly i would be fine goin 14 days with no horde then possibly get one the next 2 days. I think it would be a blast to be exploring a town then decide to stay the night to explore more the next day then bam blood moon. An be like oh hell i gotta try survive in this Poi with no spikes or any prep just what i have on me at the time.


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I believe spherii has a random horde mod.

Where can i find it at? I dont mod this game much

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