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Bare Bone's Community PVP server - All Welcomed!


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Basics: New server just started Sunday with experienced Admin's. Anything goes on the server except drop mining. Running current stable version with vanilla settings. You can find the server with the information below or under the standard list.


We are looking for players of all types to come join in on the server. Our discord is available for all players to leave feed back and input on any server changes. We are hoping to attract players that want to raid each other, kill each other, and have good times while doing it. PvP wars in the future are what we are hoping for. There is zero tolerance for cheaters or any abusive conduct.



Host Name: Bare Bone's - Anything Goes PvP - Wiped 10/21


Slots: 40

Location: Chicago,USA

Map: Random Gen

Discord: https://discord.gg/p8hYGzv

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