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Zombie spawn-points and Land Claim Blocks


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Currently, it's difficult to make your base out of a fortified pre-existing house, because several of them have zombie spawn points inside, that don't go away when you set up shop. I know that a bedroll stops zombies spawning within 30 blocks, but it's not quite enough. I'd much prefer it if a land-claim block served the same purpose, not allowing zombies to spawn on your "claimed" land, alternatively, give a menu option to expand/shrink the range of the no-spawn zone on bedrolls. Frankly, I like to build large castles, or fortify a large building to the same purpose, and having zombies spawn inside because my base is larger than 30 blocks is kind of a deal-breaker. I like trying to defend my base from the zombies, spikes, boarded windows, guns fired through portholes, are all fun times. having zombies spawn INSIDE the walls (or physically inside the wall itself, in one memorable case) really ruins the feel of fending off the hoard, because you KNOW it didn't get in because of a breach, it just spawned because you turned your back.
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