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A16 - Custom Vehicles by Manux [SDX]

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I'll try to release a new update this week. But with first version of A17 releasing, I also would like to take time to look at that...


What do you guys think? You want an A16 version of the boat, or prefer having me spending my time looking at A17 for a future port of the mod?


with that skills you have , i prefer you take time moding things in A17 and give us fresh products that will be when we get bored of A17 (long tim

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I saw this in Mod Menu_Custom Vehicles. I just don't know how to use it.

if you can see this mod on the link. There's a UI folder with a UIAtlas texture.



What is your goal? You just want to change the existing icons in the UIAtlas or you want to add new ui_game_symbols like I do in this mod?

If it's just changing the existing icons, you just need to modify the image and export it back to the game resource file with UABE.

If the later, then you need to know how to code, and can look at how I do it in this mod. If you can't code, I could eventually make a separate mod for adding custom ui_game_symbols.

I asked about that in a couple of threads, but nobody answered so it didn't seem like there was a a need for it.

About Font Atlas, I never looked into that. I only did something for the UIAtlas.

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with that skills you have , i prefer you take time moding things in A17 and give us fresh products that will be when we get bored of A17 (long tim


I would prefer Alpha 17 release. Thank you for your work, it looks great!


Thanks guys. I'm actually really close to finishing the A16 Boat update, which also contains many other features.

So I will finish that, and then jump on A17.


- - - Updated - - -


i cant download any of these and im sad lol


What's the problem?

You need to go one level up in github to be able to download. You can only download all my mods at once. That's how github works.

Here's a direct link to the github root page in case you can't find it. You will see a green "Clone or Download" button up there.


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Yea Manux when I spoke with him last is working on that and floating vehicles like boats etc. However he was waiting to see how the new system was done. Seems like from what he has done and the new system they are quite a few things that will need to be tweeked to make it work properly.


Would be nice though getting the Helicopter to let others ride with you like the A17 4x4 does lol

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The Last A16 Update, but not the Least!


This is my last update for A16, but it's a wonderful one. I can still patch it if you guys find bugs and want to keep playing A16...

I am now ready to jump on A17 to try to port the mod. I don't know yet how long it will take me, I'll keep you guys informed...


on github as usual, Readme is now updated.


New Features:

- Boat vehicle: This is now my favorite vehicle! You can even fish from it if you use my Fishing mod or any other Fishing mod. You can also spawn the chassis directly on water.

- Any vehicle can be set to float on water. But only the Boat creates a Floating Block platform when you stop driving it on water. Use the new vehicle entity_class <property name="FloatsOnWater" value="true" /> node to enable it.

- New Feet IK and Head LookAt features when driving the vehicle. The Small Boat is the only one using those new features for now.

- The Airtight feature has been improved. Vehicles that have it enabled now keep you at ideal temperature, and you slowly dry off if you were wet when entering it.

- Show remaining Vehicle Weapons Ammo on HUD

- Individual Vehicle icons now show up in all UIs

- MP compatible, just has a few small glitches, but nothing serious.


Bug Fixes:

- You can now enter a "Watercraft" vehicle when it's in the water.

- Helicopter can now go underwater and will be able to take off from there.

- You can no more shoot from both vehicle weapons, when you have only one of the weapons on it.

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Thanks @Manux, - I have the Dedicated server up for testing once you get A17 up and running. Should be able to test it pretty good, We have 8 people on it now. Just let me know and we will bang it back and forth and see if we find any errors or bugs. Love the work brotha!!

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Good news guys, looks like the port to A17 wont' be that hard!

The Rig is now more complex because of the new vehicles Physics, but it seems that TFP implemented a lot of the features I had in my mod, so it makes my job much easier! :smile-new:



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Ok guys, just a quick update, to manage your expectations about A17.


I took a deeper look at the current state of A17, and vehicles are way too unfinished for me to lose my time trying to make an A17 version of the Custom Vehicles mod.


Anything I would do now, would most likely need to be re-written when A17 release ships. And they might add stuff for release that would simply my life for porting the mod, so it's better for me to just wait till release before doing anything serious.


The new mods and buffs don't seem to work at all with vehicles yet, and I was hoping to use those to implement some of my A16 features. And there's also many parts of the code that are no hooked yet, like control over Entity damage and Block Damage, so there's no point for me trying to reinvent the wheel yet again, when they will most likely have those features part of vanilla when they ship...


The best I could do for now is just ship a simple A17 modlet that adds some of my A16 vehicles. But without all my A16 features. Let me know if that's something you would like to have...

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I think a simple A17 modlet would be awesome.


Yeah I can do that. It would be XML only and would just add a couple of my vehicles. They would basically have the same features as the current vehicles. So it's almost like a skin, and also adds more variety on the number of vehicles :smile-new:


And some of my A16 features are already part of A17e, so at least you would have those: Custom storage size, player position, camera position, block damage, entity damage, etc...


Block and entity damage ratio don't yet seem controllable through XML, but at least they work as is.

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A17 modlet


Modlet Version


Just copy the Modlet under the Mods folder of your A17 installation.


SDX Version


The SDX version only has the advantage of deploying the Localization file. But you can easily copy the content of the Modlet Version's Localization.txt file into the Game's Localization.txt instead.


Recipes and progression are contained in the modlet.

Not all my A16 vehicles are in there, but there's a good selection. Each Vehicle has it's own personality, and they are a lot of fun!

The modlet does not contain all my A16 features, but TFP implemented so many of them that you won't be missing that much.


I created a new thread for the A17 modlet: HERE

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