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Apocalypse PvP - Oceanic's #1 PvP Standard Server


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Based in the heart of Sydney's CBD, Apocalypse PvP has been quietly servicing the Oceanic region for the better part of 2 years. With a consistent population from the surrounding region, rest assured you won't die alone.




Host Name: Apocalypse PvP


Players: Max 32

Location: Sydney, Australia

Map: Random Gen

Discord: https://discord.gg/YAggYZu



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Apocalypse PvP


Ive killed, been killed, ive raided and been raided but i always have laughs and a good time with a awesome community and admin! oh and ive never seen a admin work so hard to get rid of cheats! 10/10 would recommend




The best Oceanic pvp server by far, great community and one of the most fair and competent Administrators ive ever dealt with, 10/10.

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A friend and I have been playing 7D2D for quite some time now, and have found that every server we have joined previously has resulted in us falling behind due to the games exploits. Unfortunately over the years we have fallen victim to these "Cheats" to try and keep up with the advancements of other exploiters. But it wasn't until we joined this server that we among many others were finally punished for doing so.

We are happy to state that this Server is A+ and that its good to know that it has an automatic banning system for exploiters.

And are merely asking for a second chance to finally play the game the way the developers intended. Only trouble is due to being punished for a full year, we can not ask for the forgiveness of the admin to continue on the only OCE PVP server.


So please urban us?


We look forward to a response.

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