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Another new zombie idea: Infected Miner


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The Infected Miner would spawn in smaller towns such as the ones in the desert biome. Infected Miners would be a lot more different than any other zombies because of one thing; their helmets. Usually it takes 1 or 2 shots to a zombie's head to kill it, right? Well the Infected Miner would be wearing a mining helmet (with a light on it) which is made out of a strong polymer, meaning it would take 3 to 4 shots to the head to actually kill it. So body shots would actually be more effective to take one down. Also, another dangerous thing about Infected Miners is that the light on their helmets would create a small blinding effect making it hard to see when they are attacking or if there are any more zombies around them. The light would give you a -25% visibility penalty in the day, and a -50% visibility penalty in the night due to your eyes not being able to adjust properly. Have you ever stood outside at night and someone shone a flashlight in your eyes and you couldn't see the person or anything behind them because the light was so glaring? Well it would be the same as that.
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