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HDHQ - Textures/Lighting/Environment

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haha, not yet.


Most likely nothing until stable. ID's are jumping around to much during experi.


why. we wants it now we wants the precious......


Just release it already you been working on it forever loll. whats taking you so damn long haha :-P


all jokes ofc lol totes understand haha and just stirring ya.

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Hey man, awesome work !


I wish I could just slam it on my game but i'm not sure i'm not gonna suffer huge spikes from it; therefore, my question : would it even be feasible for you to release small packages of textures instead of one big bulk ? For example releasing all the trees/cactus/green stuff in one batch, then all the terrain textures, the weapons, etc...


Not sure if it's doable and if it is, it might be a huge load of work, but I think it would be amazing for smaller rigs.


Cheers and thanks for the passion either way !

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As of A17, HDHQ core and Extended have been rolled into one singular mod. it is now more than just textures, so as such I will be calling it HDHQ overhaul from here forward.




Brand New terrain textures in 4K/2K for A17


For A17 I redid all the terrain textures as necessary to bring into line with the new art work the TFP have created. I feel Ive achieved a much closer tie to the vanilla textures this time around.


[i currently still can not get access to the block textures. All block textures are vanilla and will remain so until I have time to rebuild the array (lots of work) or TFP provides a way to sideload]




Overhauled Lighting in all conditions


The lighting for A17 has been redone. A great deal of time has been spent to attempt to maintain a global style and colour palette while keeping individual biomes and weather distinct.

Due to this, I had to find new ways to achieve various goals. I think I have done this. The world is now much more vibrant, saturated, contrasted. You will be able to remove your reshade profiles you may have applied, only needing to keep it for Sharpness or AA injections.


Light now matters more. Much more. The direction of light and the intensity and which weather (and its intensity in the case of clouds) is active all play a major role, especially with stealth.

Because of this, you are immediately better at stealth than vanilla.(even without perks)

Clear nights have moonlight which is clean and bright. Cloudy nights have a muted moonlight. Rain and Snowfall nights have zero moonlight. As each weather state and its intensity transitions your stealth meter will decrease. Because of the way lighting works in vanilla, the opposite is true.




Because of this, cloudy and rain/snowfall nights are darker. I have provided a new Spotlight (requires no power, same receipe ingredients and level) that has much larger range than the vanilla spotlight. I have also provided a new torch (same model as vanilla but with new particle effect for the flame) as to mostly eliminate its flickering. This now only happens under rain and at a much reduced effect. If the torch flicker bothers you, this will fix it for you.


Reflections are now better as well due to the changes. As such you can turn some settings down if you run reflections and still have better quality than vanilla (imo).

Further to reflections. These and certain vanilla block textures in combination will/can [again machine dependant] cause severe fps loss spikes around buildings. My only advice is to run with reflections off until it is fixed, or I get access to block textures. With the new lighting, the differences are now minimised.


New Biome specific particle effects


This was necessitated by the lighting changes. Due to these new visual effects, Burnt biome and wasteland biomes have different appearances between day, twilight and night. Making for more varied and interesting visuals.




Seamless Biome Transitions - Great in RWG


That flip flopping you get in RWG because of biome blending, its gone. Biomes now transition between each other seamlessly. Biome effects will begin, and blend, on the edges of biomes giving a more cohesive visual style on the borders.



Biome Overhaul

Alpine (ex Snow), Hardwood Swamp (ex Pine Forest), Burnt, Desert, Wasteland.


As part of HDHQ extended I was endeavoring to make the biomes more distinct between them. Now with 2 less biomes in vanilla, I felt this was more important than ever. I have now changed the snow biome to Alpine. The Pine forest is now a southern hardwood swamp forest. Burnt features burnt versions of the swamp forest. Wasteland has new dead trees, while the oak trees are gone from the desert and replaced with whitethorn acacia's and large cycad palms.


Real forests



Real forests are here! To achieve this I had to leverage new features of 2018.2 as well as make all new vegetation for all biomes. I have made these trees very low poly for a starting baseline to guage performance across machines. As such they are 10x lighter than vanilla trees. I can render 10+ trees for every vanilla tree. Because of this, we now have real forests in 7 days to die. I have taken time to optimize everything as much as possible.


I have noticed in general (atleast on my system ) that you should have a higher average framerate. In some scenarios I gained as much as 30fps at the same resolution and settings. [very much situation and machine dependant]


With the new lighting, light really matters in the forest. Beware zombies behind trees and during twilight, lurking in shadows. Be ever watchful lest you get bit.


Exploration is now more important than before. You will need to get above the canopy in the hardwood forest and Alpine regions to scout locations, landmarks and other players bases. Its possible to get turned around in the forest. Making roads, runways and other thoroughfares will be key to faster travelling.


You can hide in the trees from vultures, unless they find a path to you...


The density of the forest however, will work against you in PVP. Clearing space to build will reveal your location to other players who are scouting from mountain tops or gyro's. The trees provide cover to attackers who seek your loot.


Gun Skins


Im not a fan of the gun tints so for now, as a start I have included 12 new materials for each of the guns. Ive taken extra care to balance these between reflections on and off.


Anodized Blue

Anodized Cyan

Anodized Green

Anodized Magenta

Anodized Red




Camo Digital

Camo Desert

Armor Jungle

Armor Winter


All the guns included are animated and added to the main weapon loot groups. You can not craft these weapons, only looting is the way to find them. Pray to RNGesus.


As this has been such a long project I have spoken to many people of the course of it. Instead of listing people and risking forgetting someone I'll say this.

If Ive spoken to you about anything unity/7days over the last few months, I thank you. For being there to bounce things off, or your advice. Thanks.



Guns use placeholder icons.

Seeds (jungle, alpine, acacia, palm) use placeholder icons. Growing needs further testing (copied pine trees framework so should work)

New Torch casts no shadows - Intentional for now.








Drag Data folders from zip into main game directory, yes to overwrite.


If you hate my new environment, but would like to keep everything else, please use the included environment reset patch.

*Note - most of the FPS gains come from the new very light trees.




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That looks frickin awazing sir! I cant wait to get ingame. But, I do not want to start a new world on my server yet, after so many restarts during experimental. Can I use just the texturepacks, without changing the biomes.xml and making a new world? And is it compatible with modlets, if they dont change anything specifically changed in your pack? I will try and see how the items, item_modifiers, blocks, recipes and loot.xml works with all the mods we use in a few, and can report back if you want :)


Edit: That will take some time thx to nexus...... capped download at a snails pace cause I'm not paying them.....

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Thank you :)


Absolutely you can! Thats why I include an environment reset patch which will keep the new biome particle effects and lighting but remove the vegetation overhaul.


You will only want:






However, the whole mod is designed so that you can drop this into an existing game (NAV or RWG) and it will take effect.


Now, due to the way things work in A17, some environment information is baked at the start of a new game. So while it will still take effect, some things will not be removed from the environment (junipers/dead shrubs) until you start a new game.


The FPS gains come from the new light trees, so its entirely up to you what you want to do here. ( I gained up to 30fps in the snow biome, ~12+fps in the pine forest). My trees are VERY light. 10x lighter than vanilla.

I have optimized heavily understanding that low end machines are having problems. I suggest that you do use the environment here to get some gains.


This is intended as a base and as such is a hard mod currently (no xpath) until I have more feedback from lower end machines (Blazer, where you at?).


Modlets should drop on top just fine.


as you can see here, at 3440x1440p, I can have 60 entities and still pull just under 60fps.



46 fps in this shot. It was 55 in another.


As long as you use the environment stuff (included by default, manually has to be removed via reset patch), you should gain FPS.


There should be no conflicts with item_modifiers as that only adjusts (adds) the new guns for the reflex site all named gun[X][Material] so: gunPistolAnoBlue.


Loot only adds these new guns skins to the original weapon groups and changes count from all to 1.


Recipes includes conversion receipes for the seeds in case growing is broken, you can revert to vanilla planted trees by converting seeds. I need to test this more, just havent had time.


Blocks includes the new trees and spotlight all named HDHQ[block].


I forsee no conflicts, but you never know.

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Sounds very good :) With an old overclocked 1080 (not even watercooled) and an old overclocked i7 6700k on custom water with 32gig ram, I had to stay at 1440p so downloading the 2k pack now. Maybe I can run the 4k pack when we do a world reset :) So I do not need to use the enviroment reset files even tho its an already generated world? If I understood you correctly. Wasnt sure how the biomes.xml works with a generated world.

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It will work with already genned worlds yes.


Reset patch is only included if you DO NOT want my new trees/biomes.


For server use you will need to make sure the server has the same xml's seeing as they are pushed from the server. Possibly the HDHQ.unity3d bundle.


If you include on a server everyone will need the mod installed client side. EAC off.


So, if its just for you, and you arent adjusting the server install, only use the 3 files I mentioned, and no xml files.

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Cool, I'll drop the whole pack into a pregenerated world on a local install to see what happens. Cause if we can grow the new trees with seeds in an old world that would be cool :) We do want it all, we just want to keep our world for a little while atleast. I am considering making a new and just use commands to get lvl's and the most important items back, and settime to get to the right blodmoon..


Edit: Yeah it will go on a server. But we are used to mods and how those work with what the server pushes and not, so thats no problem :) After doing a sp test it will go on hte server and I can report back on any issues if there should be any :)

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any idea what this would do on a dedicated server? of course clients would need the mod too,but just wondering if anyone can think of any problems this might cause.


Right now we are playing Navesgane on a dedicated server.... and we ARE NOT starting over.

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Thanks. I was w8ing for this since you said you start working on it :)


@Quasimiyao: 1080 is an old gpu? o.O


First time in 20 years that I have had the same gpu for more than a year, so it's stating to feel a bit old lol Preordered it before launch, so its over two and a half years old now. Pushing the clocks to the limit keeps it going surprisingly well tho.

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any idea what this would do on a dedicated server? of course clients would need the mod too,but just wondering if anyone can think of any problems this might cause.


Right now we are playing Navesgane on a dedicated server.... and we ARE NOT starting over.


You dont need to. It works with existing games.


If you want the environment, Somethings like certain plants (dead shrub/juniper)/colliders are baked at new game creation. They will not remove until you restart. Thats all.


If you want everything else BUT the environment, use the reset patch provided in the zip.


If all you want is the lighting and textures, the server doesnt need anything (just like in A16)


Just use:





Only those 3 files and it will only apply client side. EAC must be off on the server still though.


- - - Updated - - -


After doing a sp test it will go on hte server and I can report back on any issues if there should be any :)


Please do.


- - - Updated - - -


Thanks. I was w8ing for this since you said you start working on it :)



:) :)

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Just started a sp game in a world I had generated before I installed the whole pack, and havent seen any issues. And all the trees in the world are of the new kind :)

Running at 1440p with the 2k version of the pack, all settings at max, plus adaptive sharpen via Reshade, I had 60+ fps flying through the forests. Will try 4k running at 4k later. Have a stream to do in a few. Which will be with your pack on the server and in the title of the stream (if thats ok with you) unless issues arise with the server :)


Will the server need the assets files? I assume it wont need those or the .manifest file? May I ask why the blockstextureatlases dont need a .manifest file? I have no idea what that does, so no idea if its a forgotten file or just not needed :)

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