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Balancing player scores


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My friend and I play on our private server and we have a problem: my level has advanced too far as opposed to my friend's level and the zombies are becoming too strong for my friend. Reason being: he doesn't play the game like you're supposed to play it - he just builds the whole time instead of hunting and killing zombies, so his level stays flat. My level is 30 (I think) and his is like.. 4. We are now at day 21.


Would it matter if I try to balance it out by not joining the server and just letting him play the game for a few days and catch up to my level?


I'm just wondering whether or not this approach is a wise one.

Any suggestions?

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Well, perhaps I should add that I want to do this the pure gameplay way, without mods/cheats/admin/etc.


The main concern of our issue here is that I have to just sit back and not play the game (which is not fun) until he gets his level up. Another concern is that if I do play the game, I will advance the game in days and then it will be increasingly more difficult for him. Even if I don't kill zombies, it will have the same effect.


- That's what I'm worried about. But from the looks of things, it looks like I'll have to back off anyway.

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