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Bedrock glitch


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Not sure if this is known or not. I know there used to be a bug (A7.4 I think) where stepping on bedrock caused you to respawn. Was fixed in A7.5 and for the most part it seems to have been. However, I've come across some areas while mining at the bedrock level where there seems to actually be two levels of bedrock and the lower level is still glitched. In the screen shot, notice that I'm standing on bedrock and just in front of me the floor is made of stone.



The next image is the same spot but I've dug up the stone. Notice there is now a lower level of bedrock.



If I step on this lower level of bedrock, I respawn. Though, thankfully, I don't lose my backpack or gear.

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ive seen this! just dont hit the bedrock when you see the stone or iron ore bleed into it. If you just take out whats above it the bleeding should be gone and the bedrock should act normal i had to stop a clan member from doing this yesterday. HAHA look bad im smashing the bedrock ME WHAT!! IF YOU PUT A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF MY BASE ILL! RAWRRR

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