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Workbench Replaced with a Sofa


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I was playing last night with my wife. We were able to create a workbench and cement mixer early in the game and we started focusing our attention elsewhere. The game crashed at some point, which isn't unusual, and we went back to our game. After some time, I went to go use the workbench and noticed it was replaced with a sofa! I ran outside and saw the cement mixer was missing as well. Also, not sure if its related or not, but the bedroll my wife made which was in that same general area was missing as well.


The workbench was placed in a prefab house (the house where the barn is) where the sofa used to be on the far right wall on the first floor. I saw that this may be a known issue, so I guess I wont be placing my workbench there anymore. The cement mixer though was just outside the house and not where anything used to be, so not sure what happened with that and the bedroll missing was strange as well, but they were all within 3-5 blocks of each other.

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Hi Bjurney,


I am sorry to hear that you have been hit by an MD5 error. It is indeed a known issue. As you mentioned you crash regularly am I correct in assuming you are playing on XB1?


The MD5 error resets a chunk to it's Day1 state if it struggles to load. Players have mentioned a lot lately that a crafting station (especially if actively crafting) is often at the center of the reset. Bunching crafting stations together also seems to increase the effect. Some players have chosen to spread their equipment and storage out more to help prevent to MD5s.


If you are on XB1, there is a workaround players have found (unofficial, please use caution) that has helped them avoid MD5 errors if done immeditately after a crash - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?69218-Possible-work-around-and-or-solution-to-md5-crashes(base-wipes-resets) - While I understand it's not ideal, it is reportedly effective for 95% of players and may be of use to you while the team are working on the fixes for the remaining MD5 triggers.


Thank you for reporting this, I shall add your account to the list of potentially workbench centric MD5 errors.


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