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I have hopes of making a semi mid evil ver of this game meaning it will pretty mu be all custom maps..

I do have a blast designing new building and I am getting a handle on the scrips and such,, I ran a UO shard and the scripting was pretty close..


I'm not that deep into them yet thoough..


I see so many people that are designing building and some very amazing work TBH.. my real question is how do you guys get the resorces to do this? are you just making a drop with all the required stuff or did someone make a god mode mod?


right now I am pretty much mining and digging and cutting and gathering for everything i need on 1 part of the map so I can work on another map of the map.. then replacing regions but it's a huge time drain when i would rather be working on thr map itself and designing castles and towers so on...


any hints?

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If you run the server with cheat mode enabled you can press Z to bring up a Minecraft Creative-mode style list of all the blocks and items and give yourself as many building materials and items as you want for free.


Thanks a ton.. never knew about the cheat mod thing :) thats just what i am looking ... i'll use the prefab builder as well :)


adding my steam account to my work pc now so i can download the game and work on the scripst a bit.... ya i am way to hooked on this game..

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