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Weapons Overhaul


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I've been watching joel's video's and loving it. Been away from the game for a while and super excited excited for A17. In most of the videos Joel is really struggling to deal noticeable damage to enemies. He of course commented character Level 0, and entire system is yet to be tuned or balanced. I wanted to put in my two cents on weapons.


I believe that for a new player, finally finding a sweet weapon, and then having it be ineffective can ruin their experience. (especially players who only play FPS and not RPG's)


I feel weak early weapons ruin the immersion. Putting 2 magazines into 1 zombie feels a little arcade like, (maybe like anime). To me, 7D2D feels a little more grounded, a little more serious and gritty. You have to eat and drink, limbs get broken, vehicles need fuel, you get sick, but then "in the beginning of the game you have to shot zombies in the head 5 extra times because your a low level newb". It just doesn't fit.


The FIX:


Low skill shooters could -


Have longer reloads(possible magazine fumble), slower switch to sighted/aimed view, less tight cross-hairs whensighted/aimed, slower weapon switch/draw


Poor quality weapons could -


Have less tight cross-hairs when sighted/aimed, be missing their iron sights (aim disabled), could jam when reloading (not usable until un-jam animation finishes), could jam upon being fired (possible increased likely-hood of jam based on recent rate of fire)



Low damage early guns is weird as heck, please find another way to make use feel inept and useless in the beginning!!!!

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I also agree - Really like the suggestions.


Having just recently watched some of the mod showcase videos again i couldn't help but notice the weird over the top recoil animations that happened when the character fired using red dots. It looked really hard to see what you were shooting because the gun was flapping about after each shot. I hope this gets some TLC before release as well.

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I think it shouldn’t be easier in the beginning.


Making early weapons better in the beginning of the game would make the game easier and defeat some hard styles the game has. I think it would be cool if you couldn’t even use a pistol until you learn how to from the trader who specializes in guns. Even if you find a pistol the player could use it, just not very well. That game gets much easier once you start getting guns.

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