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Get rid if building mechanics


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I have put a lot of hours into playing this game and the one thing that I really hate is the building mechanics. It makes the game no fun to play when everything I build collapses. I understand not having blocks floating in mid air. But PLEASE turn off these stupid building mechanics. It will make the game a lot more fun to play!

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I don't see them removing structural integrity; it's a big part of building in this game. However, once you learn how to work with it, you can build bigger and better. There are a few guides on youtube - this one was what really helped me.

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Nice video also take a look at this. From one of the developers. Also take a look at the link he has at the end. He made some pretty cool designs.



This game has physics.

Granted, they are more like phunsics but building things is a lot more challenging than in games without. (such as Minecraft)



Players make the same mistakes over and over so I'll list the basics.

Actually there isn't anything beyond the basics. SI in this game is simple bean counting.




The tooltip of a block (like a Wood Frame) lists

Max Load: 36

Mass: 6


Translate "Max Load" as "Glue" and you're halfway there.


Each of the 4 side faces of this block can hold a mass of 36.

So you can attach 6 wood frames to the side of another wood frame. Try it. The 7th won't stick.


A metal block has a mass of 20 so you can attach a single metal block to the side of a wood block.




Vertical stability is infinite. You can stack 250 stone, tungsten, or concrete on a single wood frame. (then you hit the ceiling of the game)


You can build an entire base on a one block pillar if you so desire. (Pro tip: Don't. =)



While the material of a pillar is irrelevant when stacking it up, it matters a great deal for what you can attach to the side of it.




You can build most of this pillar from wood provided you use metal (like a scrap metal frame or trussing) for the pillar block that has to hold a lot of weight.




Some examples with all wood:


Green = pillar. Connects all the way down to bedrock with 0 air blocks inbetween.


Yellow = supported block. SI values apply.


Red = Forget it. It's too much mass and the block will not stick. If it does stick you destabilise your construction and get "random blocks falling off"... somewhere.




Note that some "wood" blocks are weaker than the regular frame. Shingles are the typical example. Pay attention to tooltips.




Strike the earth!


No, really, don't... unless you know precisely what you're doing.




See what happens? The entire pillar is now a "supported block" instead of supporting other blocks.

Tread carefully.




The Magic 8 Block






A ceiling / bridge / whatever will break if you step on block #9 from a support and if the ceiling is 1 block thick.







The Game Messing With You


The new poured concrete is a great example.


The rebar frames are metal (320/20).


If you "upgrade" them to the wooden cast or fresh concrete level, they will have wood stats (24/5).

Guess what happens if you upgrade the pillar to 24 SI while the rest of the construction still has 20 mass per block.


It's silly but you need a lot of temporary supports if you want to use poured concrete anywhere but on flat ground.




I have built some things that seem to break the rules but... they don't.

They merely skirt the edge of the SI envelope quite closely.


- - - Updated - - -

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Building mechanics have been implemented since before the official Alpha 1.0 release for the PC version. It might as well be permanently embedded into the code work of the game. It definitely isn't going anywhere for both PC and console version.

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There's a slight learning curve, but it isn't exactly that difficult either. Just have to use common sense and compromise if you're trying to build something overly ridiculous.


Remember to have a solid foundation and structural integrity with support pillars where there is massive gaps will keep your base from collapsing. Also, a Pillar strength is based from base level to sky limit. If you have any block missing inbetween that line, it will simply collapse after some stacking. So if you dig beneath your base, be extremely positive your not tunneling under your support pillars. Or simply, don't dig under it until you get use to how it works.


Also, metal trussing is definitely your friend. I haven't finished testing just yet, but I have created a 3 story tower without pillars to hold the floor up so far. 16 blocks wide, think roughly 17 or 19 in length. Still need to test to see how much it can hold in weight, but so far its working, and if I did it right, wont ever need pillars again. Just rather resource excessive is the only downfall.


If you perfer visual examples, I'm sure there are Youtubers out there, but I've watched JC Channel, and once he started being creative in his builds, I learned so much it's help me to be further creative too.


Just don't get discouraged, once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you ever messed up to begin with.

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