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Electricity and a Toggle device

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This is my first post here, just created the forums account now. I have been playing this game for quite awhile and have had a lot of fun with it. Hopefully lots more in the future as well. Love what you have done with the game so far. I would like to offer a suggestion regarding this posts title. Since I feel that feature is more limited then it needs to be.


Examples that motivated this post:


  • You have a huge chamber, with light sources spread around it. All these lights are connected to the same power source. There are two doors to get in here. You want to be able to control the lights from both entrances.
  • Multiple areas are being watched by motion sensors. Multiple speakers have been connected in sequence and spread around your whole base, which is fairly large. You want all of the motion sensors to activate the speaker network. One detects a zombie, no matter which sensor it is, and all alarms would sound.
  • An area "infested" by powered traps blocks access to the inside of your base. You want to be able to turn them on from both sides of the entrance.


Proposed solution:


Add a device that has a toggle function when it receives power from a trigger device (motion sensor, switch, pressure plate etc.) If the Toggle is closed it opens, otherwise it closes. If a power signal from a power source (Generator) is connected directly to the Toggle (not with trigger device between them) then that signal is not a trigger signal but rather the actual power signal that passes through the Toggle into the devices that are to be powered.


Toggle Device Settings:


  • Remain open while receiving power from any trigger device.
  • Remain closed while receiving power from any trigger device.
  • Flip between open and closed every time a new power signal is received from a trigger device.
  • Flip between open and closed when a new power signal is received from a trigger device, only if no other trigger device is currently sending in power.
  • Current state, open or closed.


A power generator is connected to this Toggle. The Toggle is connected to the speaker system. If the generator is on and the Toggle is on, the speakers will be on. If the toggle is off, the speakers are off. Toggle is set to start in closed state, remain open while receiving power from any trigger device. All motion sensors are connected to the Toggle, when any sensor detects motion the speakers will all sound the alarm.


If it would be possible to add a Button device as well it would go well with the toggle. When it is activated it automatically deactivates after a set amount of time, which the player could choose some options for. Same as pressure plates just triggered by manual activation.


How does this sound to you the developers?

Would this be possible?

Are there any other people here that would enjoy this sort of option?


Example of Toggle use in image form:



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