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Dedicated Server - Navezgane Map not being generated


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my teammates and I♥played a bit on a navezgane game that was hosted on one of our computer.


Since it was a bit taxing for that machine, we switched to a dedicated server on MyBlackBoxHosting and we migrate the save on it.


However, we noticed huge chunks of the map are not generated. Typically, if we reach a point a bit far, there is no ground at all, the world ends there.

We all encounter the same issue, and rebooting the server or clearing our local cache does not change anything. The same chunks are void.


If we start over a new game on that server, there is no map at all and we cannot join the game (server logs says user spawns incorrectly at location 0,0,0).


I tried importing a fresh save from my computer, and there was only the chunk I was on.


Is there a way to have the server generate the whole map? I'm a bit confused by the fact that the server does not create any map.


Hope you can help!

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I take it from the overwhelming number of replies that I'm the only one encoutering that issue.


That's pretty neat, and it seems it's just a localized problem on the server I'm using. I've sent them a ticket and will update this post in case anyone has the same trouble in a forseeable future.



If anyone using a MyBlackBoxHosting server could confirm the server has no problem to generate the map, that would be great.

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Well, it's only been a day, and I wasn't around much yesterday.


No logs, so can't do any troubleshooting.

No information on how the server was set up, how you migrated the files, directory locations, ect.


Navezgane is a relatively small map, that has a radiation border. Past that border is nothing. kinda like the Never Ending Story.


Yes you can have the server generate the map, but that isn't really needed for a Navezgane map as it's already loaded from the static files.



So basically, it's only been a day, and you didn't give me much of anything to work with anyway.

Please try reading the stickied threads.

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Thank you for your answer.


My main concern was to be sure if the servers would be generating the maps, since I was told in some games, the servers don't. I was just a bit surprised that no one were mentionning that issue and wanted to make sure something was not running smooth on our end.


I didn't gave much details since even if I start a new game, there is just no map at all (and it's not possible to join the game).


I will explore the resolution with the hosting services. Thanks again for your assistance.

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This is from the sticky:

"Basic Rules for Posts


Use the search first! (I know, the engine sucks. Try wording it a couple of different ways.)

One issue per thread please.

Short thread title giving a quick info on what the issue is.

Try to select the thread Prefix that is fitting most to your system/issue. (Mac, Windows, Dediated, Linux, EAC)

Be as concise as possible, e.g. what happened / is the problem, how did you get to that point.

Please provide full information on the game type. SP, MP local, MP dedi. If MP, are you hosting it, or is someone else?

Please state if you, (or the hosted server), are using any mods. Also state what they are.

Provide the log file of the game (see below)

Provide the log file of the server (if applicable)

If it is about a performance, compatibility issue or anything like that provide system stats (Speccy is an excellent tool to publish system information.)"


If those whom posted - actually read and did what the sticky says - they they would help us help them much, much faster.... Faster than:

<OP> Broken!

<Sup> What's broken?

<OP> Game broken!

<Sup> Its broken!!!


In the disturbed example above - whom knows how many hours or days have passed...



You want hours or maybe a day... Or weeks on end?


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