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new blocks for PIPES (e.g, ventilation, or STORM DRAINS)


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i've been playing Cod's zombie mode lately, in particular infinite warfare, and i'm aware they cheat, but you see the zombies apparently coming from "off the map" (forget the magic ground spawns)...


in a nutshell, we need to include a decent piping system, if for no other reason, then because cities have sewage. and roads have DRAINAGE gutters. but also because the system allows a new area to explore.


now we have a few systems that i'm aware of that could make use of such a block currently, we have a water system,

we now have a WEATHER system. and we are getting smarter AI coding to boot.


(besides which, with this system implemented, it'll make zombies far more dangerous)



now, i'd like to see a few variants of this,

* "quarter block" duct, (which would barely make a difference in the building's

environment, but is also zombie proof)


* "half block" that smaller entities can get into (e.g if we got a CAT and cat zombie, of course i'm talking domestic cats)

it can make a decent difference to a smaller room.


* the "full" size block, which almost ANY entity can maneuver through (e.g, full size zombies, but not larger then a person)


* as well as the ability to make upto 3X3 "ducts" ourselves.




now cosmetically, they'd be a standard floor/wall block, except the interior has been HOLLOWED out to the relevant size.

the idea is the game does a check on build to ensure the pipe is a complete system. and MOST of these would have NO

impact on players, barring the full size or larger versions, which would need the player to be able to crawl through as well.


the idea behind this is for an extra level of realism. we need to breathe, to move air around to prevent suffocation.

and cities have large sewer drains, most business buildings inherently have ducted air conditioning.



things this opens up (or solves)

*the "dig a hole and bury yourself solution" - congratulations, you will suffocate in (buff timer till unconscious), then (death) (gives us the ability to have people knocked out, and the choice to save them...)


*a new point for zombies to spawn in cities (and mob out of) - imagine walking into a city, you pop a few walkers, and then you see them, zombies start spewing out of the drains... should have been more careful


*a new danger in buildings - in much the same way as the city drains, zombies can crawl through much of a building's

ducting, and hence... buildings now have a new danger.


*a method of temperature control for buildings (we could have a fire basically on a vent, that would transmit heat 1-2 blocks out of connected vents, later, ELECTRIC FANS could be installed that do it to say, 15 block radius.)


*Zombies could be DRAWN to ducts "smells" and "temperature", better yet, zombies could still ATTACK from in the vent. so if you adapt a full size to a quarter size for a room, the zombie could still SMASH the quarter size to get in from the full size...


*zombies in general would need to start crawling through one block holes, this means a zombie that destroys a window at "upper body" height, would now be able to clamber through it. meaning zombies will be FAR More dangerous.

of course, a zombie attempting to crawl through something should be slower...


*this idea could be RETROFITTED to existing prefab buildings without sacrificing the existing design (by destroying floor and walls for the ducting, since they would be textured to appear as WALL or FLOOR... the change would not affect cosmetically EXCEPT where the vent ducts actually open.




i do see a few issues with the design...


first, that's a lot of potential blocks (all those skinned versions)

Second, the requirement that the game would have to verify the "piping"

Third, dual textures in one block.


we do have SOME cheating to be done, for a start, there is no need for the quarter or half size blocks to render ANYTHING at all. we can simply let the "zombies" crawl with a non-existent tunnel. beyond ensuring zombies don't "clip" through the wall visually, we only need to "see" if certain criteria are met, an object is within a few metres (e.g fire flickering),

or the pipe is shorter then a certain length, or straight.

otherwise, there is no additional rendering needed.


the full size on the other hand, would require duct rendering. because players CAN go through it.


as for the ducting behaviour in general, it simply cheats on the smaller ducts, for example, let's say water.

"duct"/pipe size is 10m, 0.2s delay per block. water enters "buffer" immediately to simulate pipe.

after pipe size's 10m is calculated to it's 0.2 second per block delay (2seconds), the other side starts outputting the

water in "buffer".


ANY connected pipe system would also simplify the logic, let's say you have 10 half entrances, they connect via 3m of ducting to a 2X3 duct pipe (where the buffer would end, and convert to real).

obviously, there is ONLY 6 possible connection points, so the pipe would only allow about 7 pipes of "flow" to exit, even if

all were connected.

of course, the game's OWN idea of water filling would have to takeover once the water exited the virtual piping.


this behaviour would allow the game to have complex piping systems without too much risk of eating the hell out of the game's resources.






we need to allow corners, as well as UP and DOWN. and INTERSECTION hubs. i realise this just adds to the requirements, but at least we can simplify the "large" ducts/pipes to being just a four way hub... and 6 way hub... not different iterations.




obviously, i can't say what features this would end up with, I envision the full feature set, but even if we just use the piping/ducts for zombies, it should dramatically improve the game's atmosphere heaps. (just imagine the office buildings)...

I can only propose how i'd think it'd work best. but at the very least. we need sewage tunnels, and full size "ducting" in buildings, as well as zombies CRAWLING through one space gaps... just make sure we can crawl through them ourselves, because it'll get crazy, and we do need to reach them Z... when they inevitably get lost in some maze of ducting...

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