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theWALKER-BAIT.mod Custom Prefabs


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Hey yall


Thought I'd share some images of a poi I made for my mod. Its not finished yet but I spent over 12 hours on it to date. Its purpose initially was/is for me to test the range of my weapons, it doubles up nicely as a easy early game looting opportunity for any would-be survivors, the three cabinets downstairs are insecure and there are 9 secure ones in the attic, not to mention the turrets and other goodies laying about. At the moment it spawns in 3 blocks into the terrain XD I'l get it sorted. And some more finishing touches need doing, like the removed of the wooden signs and a change of terrain, I wanted grass to grow there but I guess Terrain Filler isn't fit for purpose. Its not a great poi by any stretch tho it does cover alot of land. Might be a nice place for a farm if its worked-up and defended well. All in all i'm pleased with it - I don't consider myself much of a builder in 7days but I do like the way this turned out. Anyways enjoy the snaps and share your thoughts good fellows.

















PS: I wasn't sure if I should post these here or in the mod thread.

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