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Looking for Fresh Server


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So let's get some pre-requisites in order so you don't reply in vain.



1. Fresh server and/or recently restarted server.

- Preferably no more than a week old

- 2 weeks old is an absolute max as I despise not having any unexplored map left.

2. No Mods.

- I prefer Vanilla experience. Exceptions can be made in regards to new mobs, weapons and traps to prevent the game from growing stale.

3. No PvP.

- I'm a PvE player. If I wanted to play PvP I'd start up one of my many FPS games. Simple as that.

4. I prefer the harder difficulties rather than easy and normal ones and while it isn't a strict requirement.. I really do tend to adhere to this (it's boring when there's no challenge.)

5. I do prefer being able to get the majority if not all skills/perks with due investment in form of time (this obviously has to be modded).

- This is because of self-reliance. I do not want to have someone trying to hold it over my head how they helped me and that I now owe them big time - mostly because I don't own a shred of conscience and cannot be guilt tripped into this.


About me:

- I am the sharing is caring guy.. If I have something others need (and it is within reason) I will happily give it away (no need for me to hog something vital that I can't use myself...)

- I'll gladly lent a hand with base building (if you should need it).

- I prefer to play with people rather than alone (especially if exploring.)

- I don't mind sharing base, but to do so I'd also request we come up with a good base design - which makes sense, is logical and has room for expansion.

- I'm a software engineer with 3d designing on the side, if new weapon/mob/trap mods are needed to prevent the game growing stale, I should be able to make them :).

- I probably play more than what is good for me, but heck IT MAKES ME A RICH IN-GAME MOFO!

- I have streaming, twitching and recording possibilities (but seriously, who don't these days?)

- I live in Europe, so I would kind of prefer a European server, but I can make do with an East Coast 'Murican one as well.


If you think you can accommodate these things feel free to either pm me and/or leave your discord link and similar.

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We probably don't meet all of your requirements, but I'll throw our name in there...http://www.thehatedcrew.com


1. We started a new Undead Legacy server Monday, our Ravenhearst server has been around longer.

2. We do run mods, but Undead Legacy is a very small mod, and we have a custom 7D2D Mod Launcher URL (See Help page on website.) which makes it easy to setup, plus our Help page details how to install it if you don't want Mod Launcher. Anyway, you can keep your vanilla copy of 7DTD this way, but still play modded servers.

3. Both of our servers are PvE, and people generally help each other out, but no one ever expects anything in return unless it's stated upfront. We do have very small PvP areas at the center of our maps for events, but this area is really small, and the server warns you when you enter it.

4. I recently increased the server difficulty, it's set at next to maximum difficulty.

5. We run mods than enhance the game and prolong it.


Other points:


-Sharing: Many of our users share things they don't need, and don't ask anything in return. We do have an auction system if a players want to trade items for money.

-Base Building: Many players on our server group up and build bases together, so you might find someone who wants a person to work with easily.

-We're a multiplayer 24/7 server, there are players on most of the time, so finding friends is not generally an issue.

-Our server is located in Dallas, TX, USA...It's a dedicated hardware machine in a data center with awesome Internet. We have regular players from US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia, and probably other places. Most seem to have no connection or lag issues due the data center location of our server and low pings.


Finally, if you don't like our servers, hit me up on Discord and I can introduce you to a EU server admin, you might want to check his servers out.



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---- message deleted ----

Saw the Europe thing, and we're NA only. :(


Good luck! :D


A friend of mine on Steam more or less insta-grabbed me the second he saw me booting up 7D2D again :). So no worries :p!


@Hated Crew yeah but.. I am still a no-go on mods because, let's be frank.. They all add some form of gimmicky cheat that let's you do stuff that ease your gameplay. The latest "non-modded" server which "only" had anti-cheat/pvp protection included the ability to teleport back to your base and teleport to your backpack if you died and had enough "coins" to do so and this is a common theme in mods that I would like to avoid entirely ;).

When/If I play on a modded server, it's because I'm the one modding the server or at the very least play a part in it :D.

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@WiiTee Glad you found a server. We do have select teleport commands on our servers, some cost coins which you earn by playing or by killing zombies, no real money is involved. These functions are provided by the server managers we run and not the mods themselves. Our mods tend to make the game much harder, more zombies, harder zombies, more aggressive animals... Anyway, to each his own I guess.

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