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Increase Wood Frame Stack Size


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I expected this to be a 5 minute mod but I guess I still haven't quite figured out the XML files... How can I modify the stack size for wood frames? I don't see them in items.xml and there's no stack sizes in blocks.xml. Since I mostly use them for fuel for the forges, I'd like the stack size to be a value that evenly divides by 2 (ex. 800 or 1600).





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As far as I'm aware, stack sizes for blocks are hard coded, so they can't be edited by xml means. It would involve editing the .dll, I believe, which I have no knowledge in.


However, I can suggest using wood logs for your fuel, as it has a full five minutes of burn time. Or you can modify the fuelvalue of the wood frame by editing the woodframemaster block...


<block id="149" name="woodFrameMaster">

<property name="Group" value="Building" />

<property name="DescriptionKey" value="woodFrameGroupDesc" />

<property name="Material" value="wood_weak" />

<property name="Shape" value="New" />

<property name="LightOpacity" value="0" />

<property name="Model" value="cube" />

<property name="Mesh" value="cutout" />

<property name="Frame" />

<property name="Texture" value="381" />

<property name="ImposterExclude" value="true" />

<property name="ImposterDontBlock" value="true" />

<property name="CreativeMode" value="None" />

<property name="Collide" value="movement,melee,rocket" />

<!-- -rocket -->

<property name="FuelValue" value="150" />

<property class="RepairItems">

<property name="wood" value="2" />


<!-- <property name="CustomPlaceSound" value="place_block_wood"/> this works but was too annoying -->

<property class="UpgradeBlock">

<property name="ToBlock" value="woodMaster" />

<property name="Item" value="wood" />

<property name="ItemCount" value="4" />

<property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="4" />


<property name="CustomUpgradeSound" value="place_block_wood" />

<drop event="Destroy" name="wood" count="1" prob="1" />

<drop event="Fall" name="woodDebris" count="1" prob="0.3" stick_chance="1" />

<property name="EconomicValue" value="5" />

<property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="20" />


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Just do what Guppy said, it'll work just fine.


Open up blocks.xml

go to block 295

Just add in the stacknumber line like so:


<block id="295" name="woodFrameBlock">
<property name="Extends" value="woodFrameMaster"/>
<property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/>
<property name="Mesh" value="opaque"/>
<property name="Shape" value="New"/>
<property name="Model" value="cube_frame"/>
<property name="Texture" value="241"/>
<property name="UseGlobalUV" value="Local"/>
<property name="Group" value="Building,Basics"/>
<property name="CanPickup" value="true"/>
<property class="UpgradeBlock"> <property name="ToBlock" value="woodBlock"/> </property>
[color="#FF0000"]<property name="Stacknumber" value="1600"/>[/color]

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for fuel you could use secure doors.


from what I see...


wood frame.........2 wood........burns 2:30

secure door.........4 wood........burns 5:00


both stack to 500


these all depend on if you are using a mod that changes recipes and/or burn times

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@ChocolateDough - This worked perfectly. Thanks!


To further explain my reasoning to the others who think I'm only looking for longer burn times... The thing is it takes exactly 100 frames (or 50 logs or secure doors) to fill a forge with cement. So, if I make a stack of 500 frames (default) then there's no way to easily split it into stacks of 100 when I need to feed my 8 forges. So, I either have to give them 125 and waste or manually reduce the 125 down to 100 which is time consuming. Using a stack size that is a factor of two makes it real quick to divide down to stacks of 100.

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