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Left on the D-pad should turn this on/off.


***This post was moved for Console Bug Reports, When posting in Console Bug Reports please use the guide provided to give as much information as possible - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?47268-IMPORTANT-Please-read-BEFORE-posting


Please also only post bug reports in that section. Your thread was moved to general support for console as it is a general support question.


Please do not spam multiples of the same question in the forums. These multiples have been deleted.


Please also do not jump into threads and post off topic, all of the posts you made were off topic for the thread they were posted in. All of your posts were off topic in the threads they were posted. Instead it is best to start a new thread of find a relevant (but recent and necroposting is against the rules too) thread.


As you were new to the forums, posts need to be approved by moderators which may explain why you did not see them on the forum yourself after your posted.***

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