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There is one idea that is easy to implement, which in fact does not facilitate and complicate the game, but will make a few more comfortable certain points. As we know, the zombies come out on 7 th, 14 th, 21 St, 28 th, etc. nights. Of course we in the mind constantly calculating how much is left to Horde, but as the days rolled over for the N-th number, count the days beginning to tire. Why not make a counter somewhere on top (can be under the compass, can be in the corner). For example, on Monday a simple inscription 7 Days to Die, on Tuesday 6 Days to Die, on Friday respectively 3 Days to Die, and on Sunday just Day to Die. And after a night of Horde counter respectively reset to zero and rises again at 7 Days to Die, and so on. Plus, the inscription itself 7 Days to Die directly on the screen will not be superfluous in itself - it will constantly see people on stream, which can also work as a trigger and bring a few people into the game.

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