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A16 - Medieval Mod (SDX)


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Book II will have a few more elements, so we'll look into a hub redesign then. I kinda like how TFP is doing a17's (with the elements behind other elements), but that'll be up to someone a HELL of a lot smarter than me... the xui files are greek to me.

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So... those quests and how they're /supposed/ to work...


You find the chest, but then fall to a pit below into a dungeon, possibly breaking your leg, and have to find your way out.


Did you have low health when you fell? I may have to add some hay to compensate. Hm, will look into quest completion, thanks!


Wasn't low health just fell broke leg landed in the middle of some upset residents and had my shovel in hand ..... Will let imagination finish....


Don't put any hay down ..... Everyone has a learning curve.

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I took the fall a few times in testing just now and it's rough... =)


I'm on the fence on it... I like what you're saying, but insta-deaths do suck. But I bet you are prepared next time you get one. ;-)


Meh, stompy probably wouldn't let me nerf it anyway... he's far more hardcore than I.

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Blocks: I am having a trouble to upgrade Reinforced Wood To Reinforceed wood metal, I have iron but when i click to upgrade the game shows the icon of no iron

Furnace: The count of iron do not show on thecraft menu, i already crafted iron before but i cant now.


A pic about the furnace:



Edit: I am using stone axe to upgrade, With wrench it's worked fine.

Edit 2: Wandering horde Guardian always spawn on top of my base.

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question guppy when u go to craft the purge crystals where do u craft them as its showing workbench icon bu when i go into the workbench it doesnt let me craft them


You can craft on AlchemyBench.

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Yeh stone axe won't upgrade past wood. Wrench or Carpenter Hammer should though.


...Wandering horde guardian?


The spawn when heat map get 100, i dont know if really are from heat map, but always spawn one on top of my base when appers on console "wandering horde"

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I keep finding bushes that look like grown coffee but yield no harvest. I think these come from the WheatPlant, GrapeVine, lettuceBlock and Bush02Magical (not sure if there are more) - I think they grow into the dummy "cropsHarvestableMaster", since they extend cropsGrowingMaster (and have no PlantGrowingNext defined) despite already being harvestable.


Btw I also get a guard periodically spawning on top of my base.

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The idea with the Hidden dungeon quest is you have to loot the treasure chest it spawns to complete the first quest. The bit that hasn't been added yet is a follow-on quest to explore the dungeon, assuming you haven't already fallen into it, or broken the chest without looting it, which fails the quest.


the follow-on quest could be attached directly to the success of the first quest, or by activating an item you get from the first chest


The quest is likely to end when you fetch the item buried somewhere in the dungeon :)


book 1.1 stuff :)

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I've added the ability to configure the spawn system and biomes placement into xml for the next build.


Here's a preview of a 10k map



5k map with adjusted biomes




       <!-- This cellrule contains the adjustable settings for Medieval Mod, prob is a float, but will be cast to int if required -->
       <cell_rule name="MedievalConfig">
         <!-- mode 0 is spawnPoint, mode 1 is spawnArea random -->
         <hub_rule name="spawnMode" prob="1"/>
         <!-- X + is east, Z + is north -->
         <hub_rule name="spawnPointX" prob="0"/>
         <hub_rule name="spawnPointZ" prob="10"/>
         <hub_rule name="spawnAreaMinX" prob="-200"/>
         <hub_rule name="spawnAreaMinZ" prob="-200"/>
         <hub_rule name="spawnAreaMaxX" prob="200"/>
         <hub_rule name="spawnAreaMaxZ" prob="200"/>
         <!-- value between 0.1 and 1.0 -->
         <hub_rule name="southBiome" prob="0.6"/>
         <hub_rule name="eastWestBiome" prob="0.7"/>
         <hub_rule name="northBiome" prob="0.3"/>


This is a cell rule in the rwg mixer where you can edit the settings (cellrule was easier than adding an xml reader with a custom file)


southBiome for example, is the spooky forest, 0.6 means world radius times .6 or 60%


b11 is using a setting of 0.8 for south, 0.9 for eastWest and 0.3 for north


If you do adjust the world radius, then you will need to adjust the world border biome


       <biome_spawn_rule name="wasteland">
         <distance_from_center range="4500,5000"/>


the 5000 is the same as the world radius setting, and 4500 makes the world border 500 blocks across (non fatal blighted lands), outside of 5k is the deadly cursed lands where nothing grows or spawns (i.e. rad zone)

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The forest is awesome. Love the POI's. Sitting stealthily at night in there was great watching the creatures roam around and the goblins glowing eyes made it even more spooky.


Bug mabey? Aggro is definitely off on everything in there. Nothing seems to aggro until you hit first.


Models are sweet for the inhabitants there.

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I think you missed my last post - WheatPlant, GrapeVine, lettuceBlock and Bush02Magical still extend CropsGrowingMaster instead of CropsHarvestableMaster and keep growing into dummy stage 3 plants that look like coffee but can't be harvested anymore.


ETA: when enemies drop a femur weapon, they always drop a random stack (can be hundreds), not just 1. (that's from memory, so could've been fixed in the meantime?)

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Not for a long while.

My "real life" job is keeping me busy as hell so I can barely keep up with my game dev ahh... hobby. ;)


And I know that if I did, I'd start "fixing stuff"... which I really don't have the time for. LOL

Just some days ago there was this report about an overly sneaky cactus which turned into a several hour bug hunt with several code fixes and ferreting out similar cases in the game data.

(also, "Ext3dModel" now listens to the ModelOffset property)

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