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A16 - Medieval Mod (SDX)


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I can't begin to thank the large number of people who assisted with this mod. But I will try, but I wanted to make it abundantly clear this is not my mod. It was a community effort, with stompyNZ and I making the final calls.


In no particular order other than guppy memory:
















...more to come.



I always knew sphereii put in the extra effort when he works on something, you can just tell...



Sounds like it. Stomp is testing the dedi now, a few fresh faces have given some testing feedback...


Experimental should be out tomorrow or the next day.


Just so we are clear on release date could you possible add something to the first post....maybe a pie chart.....or a HP Bar.....

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Hello everyone, I could play with this computer:

Intel® Core i7-6820HK (2.7 GHz, 8 MB)


1TB (7200 rpm S-ATA) + 512GB SSD (256GB *2 NVMe M.2 SSD by PCIe Gen3 x4)

Nvidia GeForce GTX980M 8GB GDDR5

Microsoft Windows 10 64bits

Thank you

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What's that saying? 99 bugs on the wall, squish one, 100 bugs on the wall?


Another one popped up, but it's fixed. So back to just that one now. :(


(poor stomp, I bet he spent hours last night on it, but it wasn't the type of bug he thought it was)

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Awesome mod so far. I haven't gotten much chance to play yet, but the splash screens, terrain, and custom items are great. I went to admin mode to spawn in and check out some of the new creatures too. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this when I start my actual playthrough.

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Are towns really rare? I traveled quite a distance and haven't found one.


Depending on your seed you 'May' get a small town at "0, 0" but other than that you have a plethora of poi's at your disposal.

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BUILD 10 - Known Issues:


Human township does not always spawn - workaround: quit to menu and choose another seed (rw gen is quick, unlike loading to menu) - fix: book2

Notes: There is a single town configured to spawn in the 0,0 cell. There are no towns anywhere else. All other PoI's are from wilderness spawns. If the terrain is to rugged where the town wants to spawn you will not get a town. This system is a placeholder until the a17 rwg features land.


NRE caused by LightProcessor.UnspreadLight - A bug in vanilla code that Medieval mod exposes due to heavy use of deco prefabs in crystal biome - workaround: quit to menu and continue game, or reboot server if chunks stop generating - fix: requires patchscript - WIP


At least one entity is misconfigured and has naughty hands causing an NRE - WIP

Some entities need AI packages to be fixed - WIP

Vial ItemAction needs a bit more work for anims and such - WIP

Horse Saddle may disappear sometimes, like after dying - WIP


Loot is not balanced, at all - WIP

Weapons need a review for balancing - WIP

Recipes ingredients, timers, workstations and tools need balancing - WIP


Many items will have wrong/no descriptions - WIP

Some items will be missing localised names - WIP

Horde / summon groups need filling out more - WIP

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