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A16 - Medieval Mod (SDX)

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I have been getting a few player complaints that I did tell them that I would mention their issues to you.


Basically they are saying that some of the characters they encounter, one is a black character that does swear at you for one of them will follow them for a very long time. Some have said that they do keep getting killed by the same character over and over again. Mainly because we do have a BOT that gives a /pack command and when they return to their packs they will die again from the same character.


They say that they run and run from them but they will just not stop following them no matter how far they get from them and the really bad ones are the ones that actually move faster than they can travel themselves.


I told them I would mention this to you guys and I keep my promises lol.


Thanks Again, SeabeeMan....

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Lol yeh, the ai is pretty intensive in the mod... if they want their pack back, then they need to stop being insane (definition is repeating the same thing over and again expecting a different result) and find a different way.


Me, I'm stubborn (coincidentally has the same definition as insane), so I end up in that very predicament. :)

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like i mentioned in discord (in case you overread it):

we got a problem with the mod. After some time someone starts falling through the map and when that happens the chunks are getting faulty and we have to wipe the server because noone can join anymore

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Genius use of RED FLOWERS


My current todo list for b16:


  • bug: DragonGore has no loot when the body downgrades
  • bug: paladin and baby dragons make the sound but dont fire ranged shots
  • todo: change beer barrels to work like the new tanning racks
  • todo: finish quest localisation
  • todo: finish item localisation for new quest items
  • todo: icons - vials/blood/body parts and individual icons for quest tokens
  • todo: icons - grapevine block, beer barrel half and empty, large hammer head
  • todo: restrict blighters so they can only spread blight when aggroed, or at the least only when within a distance from a player
  • todo: localise dungeon seed 3 note
  • todo: remove old quest notes
  • todo: change ingredient bloods to Lesser Blood, Strong Blood, Potent Blood, and provide recipes to create from the various blood types (i.e. goblin => lesser, dragon => potent)
  • todo: creature loot review
  • todo: review trader supply lists
  • todo: add recipe unlocks to loot, and review the grouping of recipe locks to different teirs instead of just by type
  • todo: add rewards for quests - including legendary weapon
  • todo: review ingredient craft timers and exp, adjust recipes that are unbalanced for time.
  • todo: review item weights where needed to get correct scrapping after ingredient review
  • todo: create alternative options in rwgmixer for 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k worlds and zero towns, 1 central town, random small towns
  • todo: tidy up ui changes for quest objective and reward windows
  • todo: find a use for red flowers
  • todo: add recipes for decoration blocks
  • todo: add recipe limiter patch (only see recipes you know, only at station you can craft them)



Make a RED HERB BAG (red in color obviously finding a use for the RED FLOWERS) for all those dang other flowers cause in medieval times you had to have something to carry these things in. (Plus bag space is TERRIBLE with all the new items you need to carry). Item recipe (some red flowers, leather or animal hide, rope, cloth, and coal for the "lining" to keep your flowers fresh)

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Forged Iron




I know that there was already an answer to this question, but I did not understand it.since my english is not good, it would be nice if you explain that to me again.

How do you make forged iron?


It was said that there is now a recipe for the press. but I get no prescription.


I do not understand that


Please write in Step to Step.


Many Thanks

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Build 13 is on the launcher


Summary of changes:

Removed outside spawnblocks that were populating the biome with a lot of peasants, guards, and bandits. You should not be getting angry guards away from the guard pois, and bandits should only be a rare solo spawn in the central area.

Desperate peasants should only spawn in PoIs, however the spawner needs attention to stop them from spawning outside their house.

Added the No Hijack script, so nre spam wont pop the console open.

Peasants hands got a bit of reach

worg particles removed

Added a waterskin to replace the jar

Improved stamina elixirs

Revamped feral and screamer summon groups

Improvements for the horse on multiplayer (still some bits not syncing)

Reviewed recipes and moved some items to more appropriate workstations

Alchemy Bench now has a philosopher's stone as a tool, which is required for some high end recipes

GrindStone now has the ornate weapons recipes, and a mystical chisel as a tool

Removed player level requirements from skills

plus many other minor changes



- - - Updated - - -




Forged Iron is made in the Ingot Press. I've just added a recipe for the press, as it was only findable previously.



Forget Iron



could you explain that to me again please? I did not understand it because I can not speak English well.

You said that you have inserted a recipe there. Unfortunately, I can not find a recipe.

could you please explain that to me again?


Thank you very much

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For forged iron,


Step 1 - Collect 200 raw iron to complete a quest that unlocks the forged iron recipe.


Step 2 - Collect 400 scrap iron to complete a quest that unlocks the anvil recipe.


Step 3 - Make bellows and an anvil (in the furnace) to complete a quest that unlocks the ingot press recipe. This quest also gives you the items you need to craft an ingot press.


Step 4 - Use the ingot press to make forged iron with smelted iron made in the furnace.

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Server noob


Current Version: Medieval Book 1.0 (b15)


Download Link: Sphereii's Mod Launcher


Direct Link: Gitlab Link


Discord Link: Guppy Discord Server


Mod Server [PvE] is: pw: guppy

Mod Server [PvP] is:




Random Gen Only


This is an experimental release; we realize that we need a wider range of people playing to grab any more bugs. We have done our best with our small team to release a playable version, and we think this is it. We will be updating the launcher with patches throughout, which should go unnoticed... people running a dedicated server will need to keep an eye out, of course.


This mod plays very differently from 7 Days to Die Vanilla. This is intentional. You will not automatically know how to do everything. We will not be adding "bigger backpack", or catering to every wish and/or demand. Take it as it is, and realizes that it is a proof of concept for us for greater things to come when A17 hits.


This mod is /hard/. Trying to play the way you do in vanilla will get you killed. Learn to adapt, there are a lot of custom concepts going on that make the feel of this a new game.






Required Files Links: None at this time.


Good luck, and enjoy.



Sorry I am a severe server noob and only managed to mess my server up. Is it possible to create a section for dedicated servers so an idiot like myself can just copy files over to my server and get it to run?

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Use the direct link, then copy over the appropriate files to your server. There are so many variables to your question (self hosted, rented, ftp access, desktop access, can overwrite dll's, can't overwrite dll's, etc...) for a really good answer I'm afraid.

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Ok since the last update we are having issues with players not being able to get back into the game.


What is happening is players will die not just once usually but they will die here and there multiple times and then one time when the game is doing it's thing after you die refreshing or restarting again where the dragon picture comes back up and says starting game or generating terrain well it goes to generating terrain then a black screen comes up then the dragon picture comes back up again and says generating terrain and then it freezes there. Only way out is to kill the game.


On our IRC when this happens to a player it shows the player getting killed and they are not really in the game yet. Any ideas about this issue? It doesn't happen on our other three servers, one of them is hosting War of the Walkers Mod at the moment.


Also noticed that you had your character at the bottom left hand side of the screen in that little window always thought that was a nice touch. After last update character no longer shows in that window.


But yes players getting stuck like that has been pretty bad since the last update to the Mod. Hope there is a easy fix.


Somtimes a fix for us is if they have a Sleeping Bag down and someone is able to pick it up for them, then for some odd reason they can usually get back in. Other than that we usually end up wiping their character and that will fix the issue but today we had one player they did not have a sleeping bag down and still they could not get in.


Thank You Guys, SeabeeMan....

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B14 or 15 cant remember but it's on B16 now


What is the best way to post the output log's? I looked and currently i see 5 output_log.txt files in there. They do have different times, not sure which one to post or should i post them all?


Also do I need HER output_log.txt file? I have a feeling even if i told her how she probably wont understand how to actually go in her files and get that info.


The files are fairly lengthy and I'm pretty sure pasting the entire thing is a good thing to do on here lol.

Edited by SeabeeMan (see edit history)
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Ok. B15 absolutely required a fresh save from B14; there were many changes to what would essentially mess up the player file, so it sounds like that is the case here.


...now, if it was a B15 save and you're seeing issues in B16, we would absolutely love the logs to see what we broke. =)

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Hm. I think we could have done a better job communicating the need for a wipe between 14 and 15... Hopefully we won't need any more wipes, but I'll endeavor to improve communication going forward.

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Problem when selecting Alchemy quest.


Hey anyone else having a problem when selecting the Alchemy quest to track? Twice now when I have done that it really messes up my toon. I can not open anything I placed, but can open game items. However when I do my courser is not visible. Pushing any of the keys to open interface panels clears the screen but does not open the panel. The only way I have been able to get back to "normal" screen is to hit L (my quest hotkey) and the ESC. I can move around but can not chat. Enter does nothing. If I get the server admins to load a old save of my toon everything is fine. Also this happened after I had a alchemy bench places if that matters.

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Ok I took the 5 Output_Log files we have in the 7daystodieserver_data folder on our Daddy's Secret Server that is hosting your Mod, Hoping maybe Medik can get his Client Side Output_Logs from your folder so they can see the files from the server and the client sides.


Thank You, Here are the links to the Pastebin's.







They are set up to expire in 2 weeks. Thanks Again Guys, SeabeeMan.....

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