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Character Reset- Three is a charm?


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[Moved from https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?58070-Character-Reset by Clare]


Day 67... and I'm level one, again. This is the 3rd time this has happened and the longest played time lost. There is nothing more to be said that has not already been said on a thread and issue that is over a year old.


Not that I'd like to, but I'm taking a break from this game indefinitely. It just beats me up to put time into something only to have it fail again.

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Hi Grendel,


I moved your post from the older thread which as you had mentioned is over a year old. While it may be the same issue necroposting is against forum rules and can end up with you flagged by the mods. Your best bet is to create a new thread and link back to any you feel is relevant.


With regards to the issue at hand, I am sorry this has happened for a third time for you. Am I correct in assuming that you are a client on multiplayer game? As this reset happening to clients is the version the team are aware of.


I believe it was since the original post by Skahz which you had commented on that a fix for the issue was released by the team, however after the release there were still a few, but not as many, reports of this issue occurring. The fix seems to have worked for half the player base and it became apparent to the team there was another trigger for this issue. While I understand this may not be of great comfort as you have lost all of your levels, there is still work being done on the remaining issue that still effects some players.


Recently player Ignoringmywife1 shared how they avoid the issue - "What works for me when I'm the host is to kill my friend, then the host picks the backpack up and gives the contents back to the person who it belongs to (if you want). Worked for me every time. You won't get you stuff or your stats back but the resets on them will stop." - While it works for Ignoringmywife1 it does not work for everyone. If you are playing on PS4 I would recommend asking the host to keep a regular backup of the save so they can restore your levels if you do decide to continue to play, and incase it happens again.


Of course this is all assuming you are a client. If you are a host or in single player, please give me as much information as possible as this is not the same issue and I would need to alert the team if something is effecting hosts.


Again I am sorry your levels were wiped, I understand the frustration this can cause.


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