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vr support

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What about giving the game vr support ?

More realistic , better graphics and stronger heart attacks :)


You can run 7DTD right now with the Oculus Rift by using Vorpx. Highway (JB's Gaming Channel) has done a short vid on Youtube to show it in action and he told me it runs very well indeed.

Only down side he can see atm is that the tool bar and other UI parts look a bit strange in there placement on screen, the same with text and stuff but it's still playable but needs some tweaking.


Here's a link...



There are a few others that have posted vid on Youtube as well... just type "7 day to die Oculus Rift" and you should find them. ;)

But yes having this done by TFPs after the game is finished would be great.

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Yeh I remember one of them saying somewhere that they were still deciding how to implement it, so I know it's been on their radar.


The UI is the only real challenge, but there are so many good examples out there... me, I'd pick Space Pirate Trainer's ui, but then I just played Serious Sam The Last Hope and liked that as well. I dunno, but it'll be cool. =)

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VR for 7d2d


Definitely can't be done till much later, with the performance it would probably make people throw up right now.


Adding VR to an unoptimized game is like begging for a lawsuit


simple camera support would be nice to start with and a play at your own risk disclaimer.

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