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Triangle button error


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[Moved from https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?83295-PS4-I-host-my-wife-joins-my-map-but-has-2-issues-now by Clare]


I have the same problem. When my friend playing from another internet connection often reports that he can not open chests, zombies and doors. He has to log out and login again. If he sits at the logout on the moped, he gets after the new login the moped parts copied into his inventory. The moped on which he sits, however, is still at the point where he has logged off. My friend already has 3 boxes with moped parts. Please fix it!

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Hi nbsbeakers,


I have moved your issue from the original thread as I would like to give it my full attention and I did not want the original thread to get confusing as there are some slight differences in your issue.


When your friend logs out, do you keep the game open waiting for them to log in? Does the duplication of parts still occur if the game is shut down before they log back in?


When your friend has issues with not being able to open items, has he frozen in place from your point of view or can you still see him moving?

Please let me know the internet connection details for both of you, including Nat Type and your upload and download mb/s


Thank you,


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