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More voxel tools?


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Hey, I heard Madmole mention once that it would be possible for 7dtd to have more advanced voxel manipulation tools, like Landmark had and what Dual Universe is going for. Ofc I cant find the video or quote where he mentioned this.

Anyone have some solid information on this?

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Ok, np:


Smoothing is in and block terrain is gone, but it won't reach it's full potential until Alpha 8. The first version you still might see some steps but once we have time to hand sculpt the terrain it can do anything you can imagine. The best thing is the random generation potential. I don't know if you guys have seen voxel farm but anything you see there should be possible once we get everything done.




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Oh that's your thread. Lol. Now I am confused...


I cannot remember him talking about Dual Universe or Landmark.

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