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Private Online games crash every 1 to 1 1/2 hours without fail

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Hi there, I just wanted to confirm if the constant xbox one crashing is being looked into? I play a private game with a friend and ever since we started playing it has kicked us off every hour or hour and a bit. It is quite frustrating. Its been a few months now and has never not crashed. Doesn’t matter if we change the game settings/characters/create a new game, it always happens.

It did used to occur during split screen also but the time period was more around 2 hours.


When it happens the game just freezes completely then goes back to the xbox home screen.


The other bugs such as mini bikes catching on fire etc., I honestly expect and don’t care about so much.. however the constant interruption to play is so very frustrating!


Is this something you are working on already?

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Hi Joleda,


This issue is one the team are continuing to work on.


There are often indicators that will tell you a crash is coming, which would help you to log out before the crash and hopefully avoid any potential MD5 errors (areas resetting to the day 1 state).


Indicators players have noticed are: Menus not displaying correctly / flickering, Animals not spawning correctly, extreme weather shifting.


Shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins to clear the cache should clear the crash buildup and allow you to play until the next indicator shows.



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Still, sometimes the game crashes. I guess the problem is o overhitting of the CPU of my pc. when I was playing overwatch last time and game crashed I felt the smell of burning, so I think that dust which is on the cooler burn, I have to clean it and check again. by the way, I have a platinum rank in overwatch. I used boosting to have such a high rank and now all my friend is jealous of that. click here to boost your account.

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Hi dalebreton. The posts you are replying to are from 2016. In the meantime a lot happened (which you may or may not know). The publisher of your game on xbox went bankrupt and at least for the forseeable future the game is a zombie. Official last word from TFP, the developer of the PC game, is here: https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-console/news-announcements-aa/132339-console-news

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