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Best Horde Night Defense


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Thank you KingSlayerGM for the platform design, and thank you Kage848 for bringing it to my attention.


I'm on day 38 with the option for 12 enemies and Nomad difficulty.


I love the platform. It has performed very well. I have had a few zombies clamber aboard during horde nights, but usually only one or two which I've been able to handle. I believe they climb on the bodies of dead dogs or maybe gore blocks. As suggested, I try to clear out bodies as fast as possible, but sometimes too many zombies come at once. When this happens, I usually move to a different part of the platform until I can clear the bodies.


The previous hoard night I had only one cop that my AK took out easily enough. The group of five or six big zombies seemed to pose more of a threat since they took one of my steel edges down to 2,000 HP.


I added the roof because I lacked temperature control early on and didn't want to get rained on. I also added the lights because I like to see.


Thanks again for the great idea! I've had lots of fun with it so far.





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So i havent actually been able to test on a horde night yet, but i used cobble stone slabs since i am on console instead of half blocks. If it works to defend against the horde night i am actually going to turn it into a main base as well as a horde base. I already added a second floor platform, i just want to make sure it can defend against the horde before investing any more resources into it


I finally got to my day 14 horde and tested it out with the slabs instead of half blocks on console. Honestly slabs work great! I dont think the zeds were able to do any damage, since their arms came above the bottom of the slabs they never even swung unless i was close enough for them to hit me. My base took 0 damage, and i barely had to repair any of the spikes underneath either. So i will be using this design and turning it into my main base, upgrading to concrete as soon as possible and adding more defenses like pillar 50s maybe to swing through. I am going to try my hardest to keep the bottom level as close as possible to your design. Thank you for the awesome idea!

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Excellent base. Can you let me know the exact block dimensions and the number of blocks between the supports? I normally don't play the game long enough to build with concrete, but have a good supply now.


Also, do you have to add any extra temporary support columns before the concrete dries?


When i build with wood, i usually build support posts every 5th block. I don't know how far i can go with concrete and wasn't sure if it needs to cure first before being structurally stronger.


Edit: Ok, nevermind. I found 2 good youtube videos that explain it. The only thing i am not sure about is how much weight you can put on a raised platform supported by 4 corner posts like in the base.

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Still find these mobs kinda borderline broken by design. Hell even madmole complaining over just a bigbertha made me chuchkle pretty hard i wonder what would happened to him if he was faced with all those radiated feral things with that shotgun in his latest A17 Perishton video :>.


It feels more that some of these enemys (radiated feral wright/cop)just exist to promote the Rocketlauncher. The Rocketlauncher should have been, in my eyes, only a fun weapon for the resource "rich" in the endgame instead of a must have.



The only time i ever used the rocket launcher for anything other than demolition was in war of the walkers. First it was against a bear, and all it did was make the bear angry and chase after me. I still died.


The rest was against the special theme hordes that mod likes to spawn in. Those really need to be a feature. Encountering a horde of zombie strippers with bikers, an entire zombie football team, and a zombie business luncheon coming after me was incredibly entertaining. Getting rid of the day 4 dog horde was nice, because i spent those days just staying home working on the base waiting for dogs to show up so that i can kill them for their hides. replacing that with themed hordes that force me to keep moving really changed the game for the better. I found myself not quitting the game after 3 weeks because it became boring.


Now, what is super neat about this defense design, is that you can cheaply build a ton of them all over the place. It is easier to get into then the cage designs( i can never jump into them). So if you build them in big cities, put loot boxes on top of; you will have a safe campsite to stay at while you raid everything.

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Just did my day 28 hoard using this on console, still very effective. I know zed spawns during hoards are different on console though, so its not the same. I have yet to get a radiated cop or any radiated for that matter. I am using it as a base and have built on the platform and still plan to build even further when the hoards start getting harder, i would take a screenshot but i honestly dont know how

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I don't want to rain on anyone's parade here, but from what I read A17 may defeat this strategy. Z's can attack down and take out the platform.


Don’t call off the parade! Zeds only dig down if they detect you below them. If you stayed on the platform not a single zed would dig down.

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Don’t call off the parade! Zeds only dig down if they detect you below them. If you stayed on the platform not a single zed would dig down.


What about the "destroy a random near block if they can't get to the player" deal then? No parade for you!

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Hi guys,

I would like to share with you what I consider to be the best horde night defense system.

I survived 100 days with this in a dead is dead game.



It's simple and great! Thanks I will use it! :)


Please check my horde night base.

It's a little more difficult, but works from first days.




- Zombies can't hit the base element's (only in a few case)

- works with wood, flagstone, cobblestone, concrete and steel (any material)

- You need only melee weapons to fight

- works in many sizes 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 and more...

- zombies can't hit you exept dogs

- no gore blocks




- crawler and spider can hit the lower elements

- zombie dogs can hit You

- if zombies are in 2 row in a section of building the second ones can hit some elements

- difficult to hit higher zombies (biker, police man etc...)

- need to loot quick because gore blocks disapear


In first days you don't need to make roof or basement. The blue things are wall safes for loot, in pictures are 3 different desing.

On youtube I have a few horde day videos:






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Nice base Random. I have a few questions though. Have you tried poles instead of plates for the top part of the outside defense? I noticed in the video you use a ramp on the outside floor of the base. Is that so the second zombie doesn't hit base elements?



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have you tried making a square out of 1/4 blocks on the floor facing the zeds, and a plate block above it? almost everything gets slowed and stuck. and if you want, above the plates, you can place blade traps. you can melee and shoot them. cops are still a pain

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These designs are pretty cool.


I wonder how they'll hold up later on though once things get really intense.


I'm going to try them but.... I'm a little iffy.

Right now I'm at horde stage 2048.


So.... 16 at a time and up to three Radiated Cops [along with tons of other nasties] coming at once.

But sure if an AK is going to do the trick there....


These designs certainly would get you pretty far into the game though which gives plenty of time to gather resources and make something really fancy.


I like it.





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