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CSMM - Cloud hosted server manager


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Is there better documentation somewhere? I've set up the economy on my server but none of the commands seem to work Balance, Shop Ect.


Yep, we have a confluence site with guides on all sorts of things.



For your specific issue, I'd suggest checking if you have commands enabled and are using the correct prefix (CSMM default is $). Check if ANY command works, $help is always enabled.


If you can't solve the issue, join our discord server and we'll get you sorted ;).

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I have a problem with advanced clains:


With the advanced claims when I reconnect, do I have to add my friends again so they can access?


It turns out that I have added two friends to the list (/ acf amigo1) and can access without problem, but when we disconnect and return the day after the game, they can not access and I have to add them again.


Is there any way to memorize those friends so you do not have to be adding them every time I connect?

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Because of the huge growth of CSMM, I have deployed an instance in the US on a new server. We're currently testing with patrons and so far so good! This will give US servers much better latency and performance.


Patrons: be sure to check discord for more info!

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